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Last month we welcomed our newest members from North East and North Cumbria, South West and West of England to the community.  Since then the Q team have been working with Q partner organisations which are promoting the opportunity to join Q and will make local recommendations about who is ready to join Q now.

Today we are once again inviting applications to join the community and we’d love for you to apply to Q, and for your help to spread the word.

Where is the Q application window open?

We have been working closely with our partner Healthcare Improvement Scotland to promote that this application window is open to those who work and volunteer to improve health in Scotland.

Yorkshire and Humber
People who are interested joining Q and are based in Yorkshire and Humber can apply through the Improvement Academy, Yorkshire and Humber AHSN.

We are looking for people who have reflected on their commitment to collaborative improvement

The North West Coast
Our colleagues at the Innovation Agency, North West Coast ASHN are helping us spread the word to those working and volunteering to improve health and care, if you’re also based in this area you too can apply to join the community.

The West Midlands
The application window to join Q is also open to those in the West Midlands and is being supported by West Midlands AHSN.

London: UCLPartners
The opportunity for those based in London to apply to the community will be phased over 2017. Right now the application window is open to those based within our partner; UCLPartners, patch. This includes north east and north central London, south and west Hertfordshire, south Bedfordshire and south west and mid Essex.

How do I apply?

If you are based in any of these areas please read our decision tree to help you decide if Q is for you.

All applications are submitted via our online portal AIMS. To help you navigate AIMS and respond to the application questions we have published an AIMS user guide and applicant guidance document.

Helpful hints!

  • The application asks for evidence and reflection on the approaches you’ve used personally to improve health and care that spanned more than one team. We are also looking for people who have reflected on their commitment to collaborative improvement, so think about how you plan to engage with the community, what you will share and what you hope to learn.
  • Don’t forget that you can download the application form as a Word document. Drafting your responses to the application questions in Word, then pasting the response into the AIMS will mean you have a saved copy in case of any problems with the application portal.
  • If you are successful you’ll be invited to attend your local Q welcome event. Keep an eye out for the various dates as they are published on the Q website and remember to save the date so you can celebrate and connect with Q members near you.

Good luck!