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ITT: Creating a Participation Strategy for Q

Q is looking for support to create a Participation Strategy for the Q community.

The Q initiative is a community of 4000+ members who come together to share ideas, grow skills, and collaborate to improve health & care across the UK and Ireland. In an evaluation by RAND published in 2020, members reported Q to be a home for improvers – a visible, warm, open, and safe space. They also reported high satisfaction with Q and see our offers as valuable. For some Q is transformative. However, most members have relatively limited contact with Q, with low participation levels impacting on the benefits for members. We also know, through theory and practice, that micro-networks and smaller groupings within a community are key to its success, but not how best to facilitate and support these to happen.

Furthermore, the COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted some fundamental challenges in both health and care and how we improve it. We believe members have a greater need now from Q to support local leadership, amplify learning through self-organising activity and champion collaborative change in micro-networks and smaller groupings within the community.  Meeting this need will help members support the health and care system’s recovery, whilst strengthening Q’s infrastructure to inspire and support growing member participation in the years to come. We are seeking a supplier to lead this project through a discovery phase and strategy development process to help build a clear understanding of, and goals for, members’ overall participation in Q, and develop a realistic plan and practical tactics to continuously improve this experience so that we can direct our resources effectively.

This work will involve taking a behaviours-focused and user-led approach to understand the participation challenge and co-develop solutions, working collaboratively with the Q project team and a diverse group of stakeholders.

How to apply

If you are interested in submitting a proposal, please read the ‘Project Specification and Response Form’ in full and follow the guidance to complete your application. You are welcome to submit your application in a format of your choice; however, please ensure that you respond to all our questions within your application.

Information Call

We held an information call on Friday 30 April 2021.




All applications should be completed by midday (12:00) Thursday May 20, 2021.

We intend to interview shortlisted candidates between 24 May and 26 May 2021 to explore proposals in depth.  Please ensure you are available to be interviewed on these dates.

We expect to inform applicants of our final decision by 28 May 2021.




Project Specification and Response Form

Sample Contract

Contract Budget Template