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Interested in a new regional role in Q?

A new local convenor role to help shape the future of Q has been created. The West of England is recruiting now...

As Q grows, we have been thinking about how it will develop networks and relationships across the UK. There are lots of ideas being tested at the moment, and one of them is the notion that the Q community is evolving much like a modern day common, where people come together to pool their resources and share their expertise for the common good, and healthcare improvement emerges from this rich exchange (see more on Q’s Commons model).

The West of England have just launched a recruitment for their convenor for the West of England Q Community

Some of this will happen through national events, lab projects, and masterclasses, and much will happen via virtual networks and communities of practice, but some will happen locally. For this to work well, Q is going to need local ambassadors who will help to shape Q locally, as well as collaborating with colleagues at the Health Foundation and NHS Improvement to think about how Q ties together nationally and internationally.

The three AHSNs in the North East North Cumbria, the West of England and the South West are piloting the role of an ambassador or convenor as part of this work.

The West of England have just launched a recruitment for their convenor for the West of England Q Community, and if you think this might be a role for you, please see details of how you can find out more below. You will need to be someone who sees themselves as a bit of a pioneer, someone who knows your region well, is passionate about growing the Q community, and has experience of bringing people together to work for the common good.

You will be helping to shape the future of Q, and work out the best way of using its valued and valuable resources. Depending on the outcome of the pilot, more regional roles will be created in other parts of the UK.

The role will take up about 10 days per year and is a paid role, with access to development opportunities for those involved. It will be a twelve month appointment, initially.

If you would like more information about the recruitment in the West of England, please contact:

David Evans
Senior Quality Improvement Manager
West of England AHSN
07825 866057

The deadline for expressions of interest is 5th May recruitment will take place on 2nd June.