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Interested in undertaking a project to improve care? Want to learn more about NICE?

NICE is seeking to recruit 10 scholars to work on a project, 1 day per week for a year, to improve care. The scholarships start on 1 April 2018.

NICE scholarships allow you to find out about the inner workings of NICE and undertake a supported improvement project, related to NICE guidance. Applicants can propose a project of their own choice or choose from a list of areas that NICE is looking for support.

NICE scholars are supported by access to an adviser and attendance at a series of workshops.

The scholarships are suited to roles such as registrars and managers; principal social workers or other senior/supervisory staff; public health specialists; senior nurses, midwives and allied health professionals; lay members on NICE committees and individuals working in the charitable and voluntary sector.

Project areas where NICE is looking for support include:
• implementation of guidance and standards
• raising awareness of guidance via a communications strategy
• measuring care provided by GPs by extracting routinely recorded data
• looking at how NICE guidance is written
• exploring how NICE could better engage with seldom heard groups
• looking at shared decision making.

NICE scholarships are unpaid but travel expenses are covered.

Applications close on 15 December 2017.