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Conference: Making healthcare more human – 28 March 18

What does "more human" care mean to patients and staff. What helps staff to be "at their best"?

We’re aware of concerns about the pressures on healthcare staff which make it difficult to attend to the small things that make a difference to patients. Staff want to do a good job, and, along with others, we’re working to help create the conditions which enable them to do that.

Our upcoming conference on 28 March 2018, ‘making healthcare more human’, will explore these themes, and we hope that you will be able to join us to learn from others and to also share your views on what these enabling conditions might look like.

Unlike other conferences, we are aiming for a conference that is multi-professional, focused on bottom-up change and the involvement of both staff and patients in the change process. It will be highly participative and interactive, stimulating ideas whilst also focusing on the practical ways to make a difference to both patients and staff.

You will be encouraged to challenge traditional ideas about the role of staff and patients, seeing patients as partners in the design process, and staff as people to be cared for too.

Already confirmed on the programme are:
• Jill Maben, Professor of Nursing at Surrey University
• Heather Caudle, Director of Nursing for Improvement, NHS England
• David Gilbert, Patient Director, Sussex MSK Partnership NHS Trust
• Ben Morrin, Director of Workforce at UCLH
• Amy Stabler, Senior lecturer at Northumbria University
• Tracy Boylin, Human Resources expert
• Performing Medicine (view their work here)

The conference will be of particular interest to senior managers and clinicians from all health professions, junior doctors and other frontline staff, HR professionals, patient experience managers, people from third sector organisations and patient leaders.

If you would like to attend this unique and progressive conference, please book your place now by clicking the button below.

Tickets are £200 with a discount available for multiple bookings from the same organisation. We look forward to seeing you there.

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