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Action learning with members to inform a new participation strategy

Get involved in experiments to trial new ideas for a more participatory community.

For the past six months, we’ve been working alongside the New Citizenship Project and members of the Q community, to uncover what’s important in enabling people to collaborate to improve health and care. You can read more about the work so far on the Q blog.

In the next phase of this project, we’re going to be applying what we have learned so far by carrying out experiments. We’ll be drawing on an action learning process to test and prototype ideas before finalising an overall strategy for achieving a more participatory Q. We’re now looking for members who can spare a small amount of time to take part in these experiments from late January 2022.

Get involved

By taking this approach, we hope to create both a better-informed strategy, and a process of learning-by-doing as a community, which we can take into future work.

What will we be exploring?

Based on the themes from the work so far, we’ve landed on two questions to explore through this action learning process:

  • How might we make the ways we navigate Q purposeful and participatory?
  • How might we foster purposeful groups that develop connections and confidence?

How can I get involved?

Any Q member is invited to get involved as a ‘tester’. In this role, we’ll be asking you to take part in one or more ‘experiments’. This could be, for example, filling out a questionnaire, sharing a story, contributing an idea, taking part in a short activity or something else entirely. The exact shape of what you’ll be asked to do is still to be decided, but it is an exciting opportunity to try out new ways of coming together through the Q community.

Taking part will likely require a few hours, or less, of your time between late-January and late-February. If you’d like to get involved but there’s something standing in your way, please do get in touch and we can discuss how we might be able to support you.

What will I gain from taking part?

By taking part, you’ll be supporting the whole community to increase our impact, by generating new ways of collaborating to improve health and care. We also hope it will be a productive and enjoyable experience for everyone involved, and might even spark some ideas for yourself.


If you’d like to become a Tester, please add your name to the list and we’ll be in touch with further information.

If you have any questions, please contact Andy from the New Citizenship Project, who will be happy to help.

Want to get even more involved?

If you’re interested in helping design the experiments, email Andy to enquire about becoming part of a ‘Design Team’.