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Free to access editorial from 2017 about Q. doi:10.1177/1355819617694919

Final paragraph /provocation for  you all …

“Tensions between the institutional aims of The Health Foundation and of NHS Improvement together with a diverse membership engaged in the emergent design process have been seen as challenges and critical engagement.12 Nonetheless, the Q initiative has significant national membership across the UK, an operating model1,10 and ambitions to grow the capacity of the health and care system to improve. The early phase was subject to an independent multi-method evaluation which suggested that while the initiation work had been largely successful, the future success of the initiative ‘faces wider challenges in the shape of fragmentation of the NHS, low staff morale, efficiency savings and the lack of a national improvement body’.12 There is evidence that Q has increased social networks and connectivity amongst people engaged in health care improvement and the recruitment of a second cohort indicates an appetite for joining this new social movement. It will be up to the health services research and policy community, and ultimately patients, to help Q assess whether it has achieved its ambitions.”