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What is the Evidence (WisE) App

This digital app connects physicians and patients to support shared decision making, improve the consent process and empower patients to make the right decision for them based on evidence

  • Proposal
  • 2022

Meet the team

What is the challenge your project is going to address and how does it connect to the theme?

Whilst healthcare workers are experts in their fields they are always striving to involve patients in decisions to make sure that the treatments they give are what patients want.

This project aims to use a mobile app to enhance shared decision making between physicians and patients.

On the physician end of the app, treatment modules can be selected and released to the user, to allow them to work through short informative modules to inform them regarding the benefits and risks of any decision. These modules will be at the discretion of the physician based on what treatments are medically recommended and available to the patient. The aim is to implement site specific data based on local outcomes, with a default of national or international data.

On the user end, the patient is able to develop their knowledge of several treatment options and demonstrate completion of each module.

What does your project aim to achieve?

This project aims to design and pilot a shared decision-making mobile app across a number of departments within a large NHS Trust. It will explore the feasibility of using digital methods of translating findings of large multi-centre national trials to individual patients. In addition, it will try to incorporate site specific information through customisable information based on recorded outcomes to give an even more enhanced information sharing process, which will ultimately improve the informed consent process.

This project will enable:

Patient and family members access 24/7 to evidence based professional information to support their treatment decisions

Improved consent processes by providing accessible, evidence-based guidance

Higher engagement of the public in the decision-making process and feedback providing insight into the healthcare service

The design and collection of key performance metrics and patient reported outcomes through survey, focus group, and qualitative analysis

How will the project be delivered?

Outpatient services will work alongside this project and digital health teams to integrate this mobile technology within the healthcare service

The initial stages will incorporate design and implementation strategies and training for support staff, and the development of core measurement tools

The mobile technology will be implemented where most required and feasible to pilot across services

Checks regarding measurement tools and patient reported outcomes will be undertaken with a strong emphasis on patient and public involvement. All implementation and workflow will be evaluated and refined

Expansion and improvement will revolve around further services and the integration within current practises to ensure step wise change and longevity

How is your project going to share learning?

This project stands at the unique interface between patient and practitioner to generate insight into the development of patient facing implementations for the Q community, primarily revolving around themes of feasibility, implementation, and analysis

How you can contribute

  • The use of the Q community to undertake initial testing of the implementation
  • Continuous feedback through development interactions
  • Expertise in guidance of analysis and thoughtful interpretation

Plan timeline

1 Mar 2022 Future planning and design
1 Apr 2022 Define objectives, methodology, plans, outcomes
1 Jun 2022 Develop implementation
1 Oct 2022 Local pilot rollout
1 Nov 2022 Ongoing engagement and reassessment
1 Feb 2023 Feasibility evaluation and reporting

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