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Quality Improvement Design Collaborative Huddle and Digital Submission ePortal

The ‘Design Collaborative’ is an ICS partnership provider collaborative aiming to develop an integrated improvement/innovations eportal to submit proposals and strengthen design through an interprofessional coaching collaborative

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  • Winning idea
  • 2022

Meet the team


  • Hannah Jackson
  • Mark Howells
  • Sharon Rosenfeld
  • Fiona Warren
  • Sian Clark

What is the challenge your project is going to address and how does it connect to the theme?

Collaborative providers  are geographically dispersed and there is no single cross site eportal collaborative space for the submission of Quality Improvement and Innovation proposals and the potential for digital solutions to support this. The idea is to test out a ‘Design Collaborative Huddle’ offering a single place for the esubmission, coaching and design development of improvement and innovation proposals and where digital solutions can enable success. The focus will be on inter professional improvement coaching collaboration.  The membership is drawn from research, clinical audit, NICE quality standards, Quality, digital and organisational development with additional expertise and training in improvement design.  This group will support proposers with their improvement ideas, strengthening methodological approaches to implementing QI projects. The DCH will also support cross organisational learning and scaling up of tested and proven QI projects. The aim is to strengthen provider and integrated improvement opportunities.

What does your project aim to achieve?

1. To develop a single ICS collaborative eportal for submission of improvement and Innovation ideas.

2. To bring together an interprofessional group to work to coach collaboratively and where digital is routinely considered as focus to quality improvement to proposals and innovative ideas.

3. To ensure that service users and carers are involved in participating or leading on quality improvement ideas

4. Maximise the use of population and cross organisational ICS data to inform how we can reduce inequalities within each proposal

How will the project be delivered?

Methodology: Using the NHS Improvement Model, a test for proof of concept which is being co designed will be ran over 90 days initially equating to 3 PDSA cycles and a final evaluation of the ePortal and the ‘Design Collaborative Huddle’ with recommendations.

The ‘Design Collaborative Huddle’ will operate as a pilot using the model of improvement. In simple terms, three basic questions will underpin proposals by applying the systematic approach of the ‘NHS Improvement Model’[1]:

a)    What are we trying to accomplish?

b)    How will we know that a change is an improvement?

c)     What change can we make that will result in an improvement?

The ‘Design Collaborative Huddle’ will be a key enabler to refine and strengthen the interdependencies between the Design Huddle, QI programme, Transformation, Research and Digital and service users and carers with lived experience. Methods of collating evaluation data and benefits experienced is built into the methodology.

How is your project going to share learning?

The outcome of the pilot will be evaluated using both qualitative and quantitative data which are in the form of process, balancing and outcome measures and semi structured feedback during the 90 day pilot. The experience of colleagues participating in the Design Collaborative Network and the proposers will be an important part of co evaluating the learning from the pilot. This will be  developed into a paper for submission to Q and also a journal article to share the learning.  Opportunities for wider dissemination such as within other journals and also websites such as NHS fab stuff and the lead for the project will also take the opportunity to share the learning with the Improvement Directors Network and colleagues from NHS Horizons.

Service users and carers networks such as HealthWatch

How you can contribute

  • ICS colleagues
  • Critical friends in QI
  • Any other offers of support
  • colleagues with digital experience
  • Citizen Engagement

Plan timeline

31 Mar 2022 Complete ePortal, video and promotional materials re Design Collaborative
4 Apr 2022 Launch and implement ePortal, Design Collaborative Huddle and Learning Set
2 May 2022 Review PDSA Cycle 1 implementation of the DCH through co production
6 Jun 2022 Review PDSA Cycle 2 implementation of DCH through co production
4 Jul 2022 Review PDSA Cycle 3 implementation of the DCH through co production
18 Jul 2022 Draft 1 co produced evaluation
31 Jul 2022 Final Evaluation Report co produced and completed for dissemination


  1. I just wanted to update and highlight that our timeline needs to be reviewed with the design and implementation of the eportal dependent on the outcome of funding, the steps are slightly out of sync now as we have started the implementation of the Design Collaborative Huddle and are underway with cycle 2.

  2. I really like this idea, that supports collaboration, coproduction and shared principles of engagement. Moving away from siloed thinking and action to a more networked approach is a great way of moving systems...and getting people bought in. Knowing the challenges of this work in a shifting and challenging environment, I just wanted to express my support for this initiative and the team who conceived it.



    1. Hello Esther thank you so much for your absolutely spot on interpretation of the ethos of the Design Collaborative Huddle and the portal… it is absolutely about co production and bringing people together around the issue to tap into a collective approach of knowledge, capability and capacity. A circle of support around our colleagues innovation a ideas 💡…. It is indeed solution focused. Wholeheartedly welcome your feedback and support.

      warmest wishes

      Lyn and the provider collaborative 👏👏

  3. What is the ePortal platform that you will be using? There are existing platforms such as FutureNHS that may work for what you have set out above.

    Is the Digital element the use of an online platform?

    Good to see that one of the aims is to routinely consider digital within the quality improvement proposals and would be great to understand how that progresses.

    1. Hi Donna, good to hear from you....

      thank you so much for your interest and your questions.

      The eportal we want to build and have some interoperability between organisations so something like FutureNHS does not have the capability as we want it to be a single point of access/entry for proposals that is specifically improvement focused. These proposals would then be sifted into either provider projects internally to each organisation or an integrated project across providers as part of a pathway. So we are looking at the priorities are in the ICS that also align with provider delivery for example; pressure ulcer prevention if that makes sense.

      Some examples of the digital element could be the use of an online platform for measurement such as AMaT (Audit Management and tracking Tool) or LifeQI for a systematic approach and learning QI across the system/providers. It will also encompass innovation such as VR and other digital technologies that support clinical practice and we already have a number of clinical project teams going down this route. It could also be improving processes such as care planning and looking at a digital eportal where service users and carers have access to their co produced care/support plans routinely. This does not happen routinely currently with a great deal of variation in practice and experience. It could also be about how we ensure clinicians are routinely accessing the data that informs clinical interventions such as virtual wards.

      We have digital colleagues who sit on the Design Collaborative Huddle each week and are contributing and influencing the shape and design of projects from proposal stage which is the beauty of this project. I ran something similar for two years in another trust and we have built on what we have learned in developing this in Nottinghamshire. We are in a testing phase at the moment

      hope this helps answer your queries and would be happy to have a teams or a telephone call with you .....have a lovely weekend

  4. Sounds like there would be some great cross learning between the other idea posted: Developing a Digital Platform to Optimize Colleague Engagement at sherwood forest. Although slightly different concepts you both seem to aim to bring colleagues together through digital systems for QI

    1. Thank you Tim, really appreciated your thoughts and we have come together as a provider collaborative to strengthen the design and implementation model. Watch this space :-)

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