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Embedding community participation in meaningful transformation for improving population health&well-being

Population health transformation powered by real-time community-led participatory feedback so that anyone&everyone from the local community can engage in, collaborate and inform local transformation work more meaningfully and equitably.

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  • Winning idea
  • 2022

Meet the team


  • Newham Community partners and stakeholders eg. Aston Mansfield charity, London Borough of Newham, Public Health community champions, children and young people living in Newham and their parents/carers, schools and other relevant professionals from the community
  • Digital innovation company - ImproveWell
  • East London NHS Foundation Trust, Specialist Children & Young People's Services

What is the challenge your project is going to address and how does it connect to the theme?

What and who matters when transforming population health and well-being? And how should resources be used for maximum impact?

Much co-produced transformation work tends to be ‘professional’-led with some ‘patient participation/engagement’. Imagine instead co-production where there is continuous input and engagement of the community voice for informing strategic planning, decision-making and testing of change improvement across all levels of the system.

The vision is for embedding community-powered intelligence and partnership at the heart of  population health transformation, so that anyone and everyone from the local community can be empowered to give feedback and contribute to suggesting, testing and measuring improvement ideas, thus creating relevant, sustainable, economically-viable, place-based and person-centred improvement for health&well-being.

In other words, this idea aims to gather the community voice in a shared inclusive digitally-enabled space to powerfully collaborate to reduce health inequalities and restore collective participation&responsibility for transforming health&well-being in our neighbourhoods and individuals’ lives.

What does your project aim to achieve?

The project aims to:

1. Embed inclusion principles and a participatory approach in strengthening and building community links for collaboration across the system, to provide a more representative collective voice for co-produced transformation for improving population health and reducing health inequalities;

2. Develop, pilot and evaluate an inclusive platform that engages conversations, captures real-time feedback, discussion and improvement ideas from community members into a central dynamic digital system that enables active discourse of ideas, and powerfully advocate for the community voice in ongoing workstreams working on population health transformation;

3. Provide and publish interactive reports for informing systemwide and organisational planning, decision-making and implementation of NHS/local authority projects to improve population health and reduce health inequalities;

4. And overall, demonstrate the evidence and learning for how enabling and embedding person-centred and place-based community participation can be effective, necessary and valuable for creating meaningful population health transformation and health equity for the sustainable future.

How will the project be delivered?

This will be delivered through East London NHS Foundation Trust as a Marmot NHS Trust in Newham in collaboration with ImproveWell and community partners eg. Aston Mansfield charity and local health champions.

We will work through a community engagement worker to strengthen existing (and build new) partnerships and connections to engage active digital participation from community members, particularly CYP, parents/carers, and supporting community/school/health/other professionals.

The digital platform will be made accessible in multiple languages.

Month 0-4: Co-design with the Community to develop the plan and digital solution to facilitate the proposed innovative QI platform.

Month 5-23: Community collaboration involving in-person conversations and digital participation; results will be visible in real-time to participants for discussion and to inform strategic transformation work around population health, with ongoing evaluation of the work.

Month 24-30: Final evaluation of the learning to be completed and shared with Q community, collaborators and wider network.

Month 31-36: Buffer for unanticipated delays.

How is your project going to share learning?

The project proposes to primarily embed an inclusive participatory approach for co-production when working to transform population health&well-being across the system, and also learn how to overcome barriers to digital exclusion and health inequalities in communities impacted by the great digital divide. These are important lessons for any system open to collective and equitable grassroots involvement for improving systems and neighbourhoods and in championing meaningful change and holistic benefits to society.

The learning from this project will be captured in real-time by in-built analytics within the digital solution – this will be visible to all participants actively involved in the collaborative work. Results of the learning will be included in the evaluation and will be published and shared widely within our Trust (particularly in view of Marmot Trust objectives) and community collaborators, Integrated Care System, and anyone else invested in population health transformation from the Q community and global network.

How you can contribute

  • Critical friend - for comments and questions
  • Connections - recommendations for project partners
  • Champions - encouragers for the long-haul
  • Partners - for others who may also want to join and invest in developing the digital capability and use of this platform across other localities

Plan timeline

4 Jul 2022 Commence development of digital solution
4 Jul 2022 Commence recruitment of community engagement worker
11 Jul 2022 Commencement of Progress Log and preparation of Evaluation report
7 Nov 2022 Complete development of digital solution and launch Community Collaboration work
9 Jan 2023 First formal review of Community Collaboration progress
10 Apr 2023 Second quarterly formal review of Community Collaboration progress
10 Jul 2023 Third quarterly formal review of Community Collaboration progress
13 Nov 2023 Fourth quarterly formal review of Community Collaboration progress
12 Feb 2024 Penultimate quarterly formal review of Community Collaboration progress
13 May 2024 Commencement of analysis and preparation of Evaluation report
13 May 2024 Final formal review of Community Collaboration work
14 Jul 2024 Completion of Community Collaboration and continued work on Evaluation report
2 Jan 2025 Dissemination of Evaluation report


  1. Really love the inspiration behind this idea. There's a recognition that communities hold the knowledge and experience to resolve the challenges they face - moving towards a strengths based approach. Would be keen to see how the team works with the community to address the digital inequalities that exist. Seek out VCS agencies or others that may have expertise around this. Looking forward to see this project gets on.

    1. Thanks Chioma.

      Yes, we might not be able to solve the problem of digital inequalities, but our goal is to make it easily accessible so that the opportunity to participate is there, and the #peoplepower of this idea comes from being able to show that every voice counts and matters.

      Super excited for what can happen.

  2. Really good idea addressing some of our challenges, keen to see how this progresses.

  3. Great project ideas

    Is there a way we can address the us and them perception

    Or the divide between service users (experts by experience) and service providers

    Many people are both


    1. Thanks Sohrab. Yes, very valid important point! Completely agree.

  4. Thanks for sharing your ideas, I wondered whether the platform will be moderated and how you will ensure it does not widen inequalities?

    1. Thanks Louise, you’ve raised important points which I’ll attempt to address in the idea.

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