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Enabling Shared Decision Making In Cardiology

The idea is to provide patients and families with a simple animation that explains their intended procedure, including major risks and benefits to help with shared decision making discussions.

  • Proposal
  • 2022

Meet the team


  • Dr TJ Gilbert Consultant Cardiologist
  • Dr Alisdair Ryding Consultant Cardiologist
  • Helen Moerdyk Cardiology Matron

What is the challenge your project is going to address and how does it connect to the theme?

Shared decision making (SDM) allows people to receive expert advice and support in order to make the right decisions for their own personal health care.

In the SDM process, clinicians and patients work collaboratively to reach a joint decision about their care and treatment. Treatment options, potential risks and benefits can all be discussed alongside the patient’s goals, values and beliefs to outline the best plan for that person.

It takes time to go through all the options and explain procedures, providing ready access to patient decision aids or information about risks, benefits and consequences will enhance discussions with our patients .

To ensure SDM becomes ‘business as usual’ we need to develop digital approaches to supplement our conversations that provide accurate information to patients in a time-effective way. The tools need to  meet users’ needs whilst maintaining and adding value to the fundamental relational approach that personalised care represents.

What does your project aim to achieve?

This project includes the development of a bespoke animation about the potential use of Drug Coated Balloons that would be unique to NNUH. Research has shown that when patients have the opportunity to be involved in decision making, there are generally better outcomes and experiences and reduced health inequalities. Specific benefits include better adherence to medical advice since the patient was involved in the decision and increased patient and clinician satisfaction.

We seek to identify patient perspectives to improve the shared decision making process for patients who are offered cardiac surgery. Working with patients, their families and clinical teams we will initially focus on co designing  an animation for a specific cardiac procedure. The opportunity for digital tools to support shared decision making and  personalised care will collectively improve health care experience and outcomes as well as reducing pressure on the system and provide value for money.

How will the project be delivered?

Our clinical team will work with patients to agree the initial design and creation of the suite of patient information . We will then work with provider to create animations to test with our patient group.

We will also develop staff training in shared decision making and appropriate use of digital tools

Staff and patient feedback will inform the development of the tools.

Using QI methodology to test and refine the approach including a measurement framework to demonstrate patient experience, value for money and staff experience.

How is your project going to share learning?

We will share our learning across the cardiology networks locally and nationally. Using connections through the Q Community to share experience of implementing the initiative, what went well and top tips for adopting and adapting our approach.

How you can contribute

  • The help from Q Community with experience of implementing digital tools
  • Continuous feedback on our ideas and approach
  • Expertise in user feedback and patient views

Plan timeline

1 Apr 2022 Agree workplan and milestones
1 Apr 2022 Start gathering patient feedback as a baseline
23 Jun 2022 Engage with provider to agree content
1 Jul 2022 Start testing and refining content
1 Sep 2022 Go live date

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