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Digital Transformation Toolkit

Develop an online toolkit of resources that offers a structured and highly practical approach to plan and implement an improvement/ transformational project offering better patient care using a digital technology.

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  • Proposal
  • 2022

Meet the team


  • Shan Mantri - GP, CIO of BSW CCG, Clinical Lead(Digital) WEAHSN
  • Paul Atkinson - GP, CIO of Gloucestershire CCG, Clinical Lead (Digital) WEAHSN
  • Janina Cross - Chief Digital Transformation Officer , WEAHSN
  • Vanesther Hamer - Head of Communications, WEAHSN
  • Maja Jorgensen - South West AHSN
  • BSW Academy (Bath, Swindon & Wiltshire)

What is the challenge your project is going to address and how does it connect to the theme?

An increasing number of improvement and transformational projects rely on new digital technology to support the delivery of better patient care.

Whilst often new technology solutions seem fairly simple, integrating them into existing patient pathways and then changing and sustaining the way the service is delivered can be challenging.

There are lots of useful case studies and blueprints available for colleagues leading this type of work to review and learn from, but there does not appear to be definitive guidance and resources available in one place to support colleagues leading or involved in a project that involves new digital technology. A problem is, ‘people don’t know what they don’t know!’

A  free online Digital Transformation toolkit could offer a ‘one stop shop’ for colleagues involved in a transformation/improvement project that requires new technology.

It could sit alongside existing QI and innovation toolkits available on the West of England AHSN website.

What does your project aim to achieve?

The aim of the project would be to design and deliver an online toolkit of useful resources, within 5 months of the project start date, that would enable a project lead, team members or other stakeholders, to plan, deliver or maybe just support, a transformational or improvement project that introduces a new digital technology into practice.

Experience suggests digital transformation requires a mix of innovation, QI, change management, project/agile management methods,  plus knowledge of  additional considerations for adopting new technology into clinical practice, ie: clinical safety, data protection, technical security, interoperability and usability and accessibility standards, including related healthcare inequalities.

The new toolkit could sit alongside other innovation and QI resources on the West of England AHSN website, with regular maintenance and upgrading of the toolkit managed by the AHSN team.

The toolkit could be ‘an anchor’ for the delivery of bespoke training in the use of popular digital transformation tools.

How will the project be delivered?

The toolkit will be designed using a ‘user experience design thinking,’ co-collaboration/production approach, whereby a group of potential users join a working group to agree toolkit resources, within an ‘agile’ project management methodology.

Our initial prototype uses the Design Councils four phase approach of: discovery, definition, development and delivery. Each phase will offer a reference checklist of activities to be considered, alongside useful and relevant tools. Each tool will have guidance on how to use it (written and video), a downloadable template and a case study example.

An Associate Director and Q from the West of England AHSN will lead the project, using the funding to:

– Employ a suitable contractor to assemble and organise the toolkit resources to meet user requirements .

– Employ a website designer working with guidance from the Head of Communications, to ensure the toolkit  is user friendly and meets needs

– Drive NHS wide promotion of the toolkit.

How is your project going to share learning?

The Digital Transformation toolkit, offering a methodology similar to QI, will be available to all Q members and all NHS staff across the UK and Ireland, free of charge, providing check lists of requirements and resources to support transformation/improvement projects that involve the use of new digital technology.

Initial promotion of the toolkit will be by:

– The Q community

– The AHSN network

– The West of England Academy, which promotes and offers a range of other learning resources to support innovation and QI

– The South West Digital Skills Development network – and the other six regional Informatic skills development networks that have been established throughout NHS England by a Health Education England initiative.

The number of people using the toolkit will be monitored and reported monthly, with feedback sought from users to constantly upgrade the resources to ensure they are ‘fit for purpose’ – alongside other toolkits and resources on the AHSN website.

How you can contribute

  • Signposting to other similar initiatives in order to avoid potential duplication and identify areas for collaboration.
  • Ideas for a different approach to developing the online toolkit.
  • Ideas for tools/resources to be made available within the toolkit.
  • Additional volunteers to join a user working group to support development of the toolkit.

Plan timeline

19 Jun 2022 Commence recuitment of Project manager, Web designer and UX team
19 Aug 2022 UX Design Group members confirmed
19 Aug 2022 UX Design group meeting dates set
9 Sep 2022 Project Manager to commence duties (average 3 days a week)
7 Oct 2022 UX Group meetings - phase 1 complete
28 Oct 2022 Draft toolkit complete for review on 'ghost' webpages
25 Nov 2022 Complete UX Design Group review and feedback of draft toolkit
9 Dec 2022 Toolkit upgraded for further review by UX Design group
23 Dec 2022 UX Design Group complete final review of toolkit
13 Jan 2023 Complete upgrade of toolkit and prepare communications for launch
20 Jan 2023 Plan and organise evaluation of toolkit with initial users
27 Jan 2023 Launch of Toolkit with wide promotion - AHSN and Informatic networks
31 Mar 2023 Ongoing upgrade of toolkit in response to user feedback (inhouse)
28 Apr 2023 Commence evaluation of toolkit - user experience, metrics and stories
31 May 2023 Complete initial evaluation of toolkit - user experience, stories and metrics
30 Jun 2023 Plan and deliver review/upgrade of toolkit in response to evaluation
29 Sep 2023 Ongoing review/upgrade of toolkit - WEAHSN business as usual activity


  1. Love the idea of a toolkit to support this type of digital innovation - often its so difficult to implement such digital solutions during QI and causes the whole project to stall. Would be great to share learning as we are developing a step by step toolkit/tutorials for the wider use of QI and feel there is a lot of synergy:

    1. Guest

      Thanks Thomas - yes, will be great to share learning and definitely synergies with our thinking (great minds, etc, etc :))

  2. I think this is a great idea, The idea of the toolkit as an "anchor" feels like it could be incredibly useful

    Happy to volunteer

    1. Guest

      Excellent - thanks Ann. Will be in touch if the idea gets through.


    2. Guest

      David Evans 3 months, 2 weeks ago

      Thanks Ann - can I add your name to the bid as a potential user group designer?

      If so, who is your employer and what is your role title.

      Many thanks for your interest.


  3. Would be super to  be able to contribute to the development of this toolkit through the user working group - I am particularly interested as part of the toolkit approach to best capture and report patient experiences (as well as co-production) for the benefit for individuals, families and their carers as well as understanding optimal approaches for sharing information. Is there scope for wider collaboration with Wessex AHSN?

    1. Guest

      David Evans 3 months, 2 weeks ago

      Thanks Cheryl - I have responded directly to your email. Lets catch up to discuss.


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