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NHS-wide Digital Improvement Toolkit to Address New & Existing Operational Challenges

Accessible improvement tools & practical resources to enhance healthcare professionals' decision-making on the go.

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  • Proposal
  • 2022

What is the challenge your project is going to address and how does it connect to the theme?

One of the biggest professional development problems facing clinical practitioners and a wide number of professionals in the NHS is that they have very little time and limited budgets to invest in taught or self-taught training courses which could augment their evidence-based decision-making abilities.  Our project will address this challenge by creating a series of easily accessible, digitised, bite-sized improvement learning programmes with accompanying practical resources, based on the well-established Engineering Better Care Toolkit developed by the University of Cambridge.

The EBC Toolkit has already been delivered to several healthcare institutions and organisations including the RCP & RCA, the Academy of Medical Sciences as well as two cohorts of QI practitioners in the Q Community, who are now applying these resources in their daily work. Our project aims to go beyond this to provide a digital capability with step-by-step guidance that users can apply instantly anywhere or at any time.

What does your project aim to achieve?

Our objective is to service the QI community and a wider healthcare network through an extensive range of freely available, user-friendly digital resources. This is designed for those seeking ways of addressing new and existing operational challenges and to enhance user understanding of improvement processes.

Using the existing EBC toolkit to:

1.       Provide step-by-step guides and worked examples, in both audio and video formats with captioning, to ensure user accessibility in any situation

2.       Build an online platform which can be accessed via web browser and mobile for use on the move

3.       Provide downloadable resources where individuals and teams can record their work

4.       Create a community forum to enable users to ask both EBC experts and peer-to-peer questions

5.       Collect anonymised data to enable continuous improvement to be made to the user experience & to understand where the greatest need is.

How will the project be delivered?

Delivery will be via the Engineering Better Care Academy (EBCA), applying the EBC Toolkit methodology developed by the University of Cambridge. The five EBCA team members have a proven track record of delivering face-to-face and digital facilitated learning, in healthcare environments.

We will host the resource materials and accompanying video resources on an online digital platform. Qualitative and quantitative data will be collected to identify the value of each tool and to develop our process of continuous improvement for people, systems, design and risk.

Throughout the project we will collect measurable data and feedback from users, to increase value and reduce costs to healthcare systems. We aim to achieve this through access and application of the free at the point-of-use digital tools, enabling users to benefit from time-saving decision-making processes.

We will minimise risk to users through an online FAQ and access to team members for advice during working hours.

How is your project going to share learning?

Our purpose is to create a digital community where people can share feedback, ideas and outcomes to generate wider use of the toolkit and increased value to healthcare settings. Our platform will provide helpful guides and case studies to increase learning and encourage adoption of the tools. We aim to generate discussion of quality implementation, problem definition and solution creation as well as managing sustainable outcomes and making a case for change.

Equality, diversity and inclusion lies at the core of our values and we will actively publicise the training through established social media networks to an extensive range of organisations including Healthcare Accelerators, NHS Leadership Academy and HEE.

The learning outcomes from this project will be used to improve the service itself and inform development of the EBC Toolkit.

How you can contribute

  • Networkers – We would like support in sharing the platform idea and connecting us with teams or individuals that are looking to use or provide these kind of digital decision-making tools.
  • Critical Friends - Challenge our thinking on the idea to help improve it. Provide your feedback on what ‘good’ might look like for you and what you think might need addressing to make the toolkit platform useful.
  • Experts - Share your expertise with us based on your professional background or personal experience of digital decision-making processes and tools.
  • Collaborators – Tell us if you know of opportunities where we might share the digital toolkit or groups who would be interested in helping us to develop ideas and case studies.

Plan timeline

9 May 2022 Project Kick Off: Plan module structure using Toolkit materials
6 Jun 2022 Platform Build: Design and Layout digital platform
4 Jul 2022 Produce ‘How To’ Guides: Create text-based resource database
8 Aug 2022 Produce ‘How To’ Guides: Begin video content production
5 Sep 2022 Test & Adapt: Launch prototype platform for early-stage evaluation
3 Oct 2022 Prototype Launch to Q Community members
7 Nov 2022 Interactive Workshops: Monthly workshops with users for Feedback & Assessment
5 Dec 2022 Review & Adapt: Incorporate feedback into platform & resource materials
9 Jan 2023 Introduce new features: Responding to direct feedback from users
6 Feb 2023 Interactive Workshops: Monthly workshops with users for Feedback & Assessment
6 Mar 2023 Review & Adapt: Incorporate feedback into platform & resource materials
3 Apr 2023 Interactive Workshops: Monthly workshops with users for Feedback & Assessment
3 Apr 2023 Introduce new features: Responding to direct feedback from users
1 May 2023 Increase engagement opportunities: To Healthcare Professionals across the UK
1 May 2023 Review & Adapt: Incorporate feedback into platform & resource materials
31 May 2023 Finalise MVP: Prepare platform for nationwide launch through membership service
31 May 2023 Report Completion: Provide formal outcomes review to Health Foundation
31 May 2023 Results Webinar: Invite stakeholders to share learning outcomes from project
31 May 2023 Share outcomes: Provide feedback to Q Exchange forums


  1. Hi - I have bid for something similar, an online digital transformation toolkit, as I believe there is a need for this type of support. I work in digital transformation and have experience of QI, project management and change management. I am a member of a couple of networks who I believe will benefit from either of our ideas.

    If you guys are successful very happy to share thoughts and ideas.

    Good luck.


    1. David, thank you for your comments. I have taken a look at your project idea, and there is a lot of overlap between our proposals.  There are also a number of similar ideas in this years competition, which shows just how much a comprehensive toolkit is needed across the QI community.

      Our improvement methodology has been developed by the University of Cambridge born out of a report they wrote for the Royal Academy of Engineering in 2016. The toolkit and resources have been well tested by a number of key healthcare organisations since then.  We have developed the Engineering Better Care Academy to carry this process forward; creating a national programme of delivery to anyone seeking QI support or training. Indeed, we believe our toolkit can be applied in any workplace environment, where improvements and problem-solving is needed.  If successful in attaining funding we will be able to take the programme to an even wider audience, through this digital offering.

      I do wish you and the team all the best.

  2. Please feel free to leave us your comments and thoughts on this idea.

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