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Developing a Digital Platform to Optimize Colleague Engagement and Innovation

Developing an enabling digital platform to collect and pool intelligence/colleague's voices, promote multidisciplinary alliances and as a single portal for innovation across an acute Trust, and potentially, at system level.

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  • Idea
  • 2022

Meet the team


  • Jim Millns
  • Vicky Malia
  • Alison Pearson

What is the challenge your project is going to address and how does it connect to the theme?

The Covid-19 pandemic created sudden disruption and a prolonged state of alert on healthcare services. With the focus now on recovery, there has never been a clearer need for digital technology to enable colleague’s voices to be heard – from a responsive and timely ‘wellbeing temperature check’ to harnessing QI and innovation ideas through a single digital portal to nurturing multidisciplinary networks and alliances, both at acute Trust and potentially at system level.  A single Innovation Hub digital portal for Innovation, OD and  Research  will provide clearer signposting for colleagues, with shared resources to respond to demands.


  1. Hi Ceri and Emma - it looks like you're still developing your idea but reading what you've included so far made me wonder if there were similar digital hubs that you could look to for inspiration and learning to strengthen your idea?

    • This Q member blogged about a patient safety learning hub a couple of years ago
    • I know ELFT use Life Qi
    • There were a few Q exchange ideas in 2020 that were on a similar theme that might be worth a look:

    Best of luck developing your idea!

  2. This type of single hub would be a fantastic innovation for housing this type of content. Would there be a way to collect people's ideas about what their problems are as well as accessing support to overcome these issues from corporate teams?

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