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What is the positive change that has emerged through new collaborations or partnerships during Covid-19 that your project is going to embed?

Covid19 required the setting up of new services at pace across the system to meet national requirements. No one organisation had the required staffing or skills to deliver these new services alone and we needed to work in a different way across the system.

We needed to work more effectively together without some of the usual barriers and protracted decision-making, remaining within compliance with appropriate governance and clinical oversight. We developed collaborative and supportive relationships across partnership organisations, with a wide range of stakeholders, much of which in a virtual environment. We had a shared common purpose of how to deliver services for our residents in Kirklees to ensure patient safety and support.

Our questions now are; can we generate a shared approach around ‘non-COVID’  health issues and population health – WHAT we improve and do ; can we use what we have learnt during C19 about relationships – HOW  we work together

What does your project aim to achieve?

To build on the experiences during Covid to explore how we develop a ‘new shared common purpose’ for joint and partnership working across Kirklees as a result of Covid19 learning. This project will be both;

a.     an exploratory approach which seeks to reflect, evaluate and learn from approaches to joint and integrated working to inform how we seek to work together going forward

b.     pragmatic and practical in identifying specific patient / community focused priorities which we will apply the joint working approach to take forward

This will focus on;

Relationships – what we have learnt about creating collaborative and supportive relationships and partnerships in the new ‘virtual world’.

Health Outcomes and Population Health –  Generating a shared approach around non Covid19 health and social care issues to inform joint programmes of work going forward

Community Learning – encouraging marginalised groups to engage in health improvement activity.

How will the project be delivered?

  • Focused work by working with a wide range of partner organisations including health and social care, community groups, local population, police and housing to identify a particular patient / population cohort to then inform practical and pragmatic actions – and how we can do different things together as well as work differently too.
  • Collaborative pathways. The project would focus on streamlining patient care and support through collaborative working with single ‘common purpose’ pathways, with all partners involved.  This would reduce the risk of multiple handovers of care or a risk of missed opportunities or gaps in care. We would identify partnership working opportunities and test out a multi-disciplinary team approach – identifying integrated team skills and roles required – with clear outcomes identified and measured.
  • Unlock learning by using a learning & evaluation framework. This programme will be championed through the Kirklees Integrated Provider Alliance

How is your project going to share learning?

  • Via Community Care and primary care Q networks
  • Across PCN networks locally and wider
  • Through the Kirklees Integrated Provider Alliance

How you can contribute

  • Refining and shaping idea
  • Measures

Plan timeline

31 Jan 2021 • Exploratory work with partners
1 Feb 2021 Using tools and building evidence base - creating collaboration
1 Apr 2021 Developing learning & evaluation framework
29 Apr 2021 • Reviewing Health Outcomes and Population Health
31 May 2021 Generating shared approach around non Covid19 - joint programmes of work
31 May 2021 Identifying high priority conditions for focus
15 Jun 2021 Review Community Learning
30 Jun 2021 Streamlining care and support through collaborative working : single ‘common purpose’
29 Jul 2021 Test out a multi-disciplinary and wide partnership approach
31 Dec 2021 On-going measuring short term outcomes and longer term health benefits


  1. Petra,

    This is a great idea and I do hope that you take it forward. If you need any process visualizations done then please let me know as I'd love to help. Good luck with your idea.


  2. Hi. Great to see this idea, which is clearly building on your experiences of working differently during COVID. I'm working with the Health Foundation to encourage collaboration across members in Q Exchange. It might be helpful to look through the online Q groups to see if there are any members that may be interested in your ideas.  I'm particularly thinking of the Reimagining Healthcare group that might be interested in the way you are re-thinking roles and skills. There are also some similar proposals about integrated teams within the current Q Exchange ideas that might be of interest and may also support some collaboration. It may be worth looking at these to see if there are any opportunities for mutual support.  Good luck with your project! Emma

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