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Meet the team


  • Helen Turner, Freedom to Speak Up Guardian, Liverpool Heart and Chest Hospital
  • Dr Andy Coley, Chief Clinical Officer, Clinical Leaders Network

What is the positive change that has emerged through new collaborations or partnerships during Covid-19 that your project is going to embed?

A number of clinicians and managers in Merseyside have come together in a Digital Action Learning sets (DALS) organised by the Clinical Leaders Network. They shared individual and organisational approaches to managing staff wellbeing.  There are a number of successful clinician-led initiatives for mental health and wellbeing  resilience going on in the region:

  • Yoga classes
  • Meditation and mindfulness classes
  • Wellbeing coaches
  • Apps and online tools for wellbeing and resilience

The DALS explored challenges in introducing initiatives, sharing tacit knowledge as well as evidence-based approaches. The group identified ideas and support for the wellbeing of staff that can be shared more widely. For example, one Trust set up a wellbeing team that pro-actively sought out  individuals and teams who were struggling, rather than having the staff seek out help.

These initiatives report a positive impact of these various initiatives;  increased morale and lower sickness, however data is not systematically collected.

What does your project aim to achieve?

Aim: To improve the wellbeing and resilience of frontline clinicians and staff


1.       Develop an interactive toolkit to share clinically led, practical approaches to wellbeing and resilience in the workplace during times of high pressure and demand

2.       Capturing narratives from clinicians who implemented initiatives to improve staff wellbeing through the Clinical Leaders Network

3.       Developing an Innovation Insights Tool that includes an outline of the capabilities of online platforms and digital applications that can be used by frontline staff, sharing the benefits and impacts for the consideration to adopt individually and organisationally

4.      Increase the number of of Wellbeing Improvement Coaches within healthcare organisations in the North West Coast region to support frontline staff with self care and resilience building.

How will the project be delivered?

The project will follow the Model for Improvement:

What are we trying to achieve:

Supporting the spread and adoption of wellbeing and resilience approaches for frontline staff

How will we know the change is an improvement (Quality Metrics):

1. Increased confidence in engaging with wellbeing and resilience-building activities

2. Staff wellbeing metrics; sickness levels, retention levels, resilience questionnaires

3. No. of wellbeing coaches and coaching outcomes surveys

What change can we make that will result in an improvement?

1. Spread of practical approaches to wellbeing and resilience for frontline staff

3. Develop wellbeing coaches to support frontline staff


1. Set up project kickstart group with key stakeholders

2. Digital design for an interactive tool

3. Identify innovations relating to workforce wellbeing and resilience

5. Develop a bespoke coach training curriculum that uses wellbeing and resilience tools as part of a holistic coaching approach.


Spread of toolkit

Spread of Innovation Insights tool

Coaching outcomes



How is your project going to share learning?

The project will share the insights piece and interactive tool with the wider Q community

A webinar to share the learning of the Wellbeing Improvement Coaches

A blog on the progress of the work

Publish a paper in a journal

Present at Conference

How you can contribute

  • How to measure the impact of wellbeing interventions in staff - what metrics?

Plan timeline

11 Jan 2021 Identify project management support
11 Jan 2021 Project kickstart group with key stakeholders
1 Feb 2021 Commission digital design for interactive tool
1 Feb 2021 Identify innovations relating to workforce wellbeing and resilience
2 Feb 2021 Develop bespoke coach training curriculum
14 Mar 2021 Invite applications from organisations
22 Mar 2021 Develop the interactive innovations insights piece with the AHSN network
29 Mar 2021 Capture stories from CLN action learning sets via video
12 Apr 2021 Run wellbeing coach training programme cohort 1
16 May 2021 Launch interactive tools and insights piece


  1. Hull University Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust has done some work which may be of interest - I invite you to connect and I will signpost you to key coordinators!

    Kind regards


  2. Hi Juliette. I like the idea of bringing together good ideas to support staff through sharing across networks.  Have you thought of posting your idea in the Joy in Work Special Interest Group? This might help generate some support or feedback from others interesting in staff wellbeing. There are a few other projects proposed in the Exchange around staff wellbeing that could also be a source of support - might be worth looking at these too. Best wishes, Emma

    1. Thanks Emma, I shall take a look at the SIG

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