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  • Ranim Albitar
  • Arthur
  • Joanne
  • Asmahan alatrash
  • Mohammed Abdulsalam
  • Nida Ali
  • Azam akbari

What is the positive change that has emerged through new collaborations or partnerships during Covid-19 that your project is going to embed?

our organisation collaborated with BES education to launch this idea to involve women of disadvantaged areas of Manchester and women who have come to understand their values in a  different way during COVID-19; to take the opportunity to train themselves through educational courses and training we will provide. courses that will involve awarding bodies like OPen awards and NCFE. Health and social care, childcare, Functional skills and many more courses to choose from.We want to embed the value of education and training in communities across this city. We want to reach out to the women who are now thinking differently, after their COVID experience, as relationships have changed, reformation has shaped family lives, women have come to realise the value of a positive outlook on life. They are ready to come out and be trained, they want to rediscover themselves through our support and look at themselves respectfully.

What does your project aim to achieve?

The objectives of the project are to achieve educational outcomes towards a positive step to reducing mental health of women who have undergone the COVID-19 time period. Mental health of women will improve as the project empowers women to get training and education through recognized awarding bodies in Manchester. This will gear there thoughts to a positive outlook on life and will understand their value in the society overshadowed by the negativity and weakness caused by Corona Virus. Mental health will get better and depression will reduce, the feeling of wastefulness will disappear as encouragement, achievement and empowerment take over. The families will cooperate with each other and home environment will change to a more educational environment as we get the women to gain training and qualifications to become educated and feel powerful and confident once more.

How will the project be delivered?

Our project has a well- planned and considered approach. We are a team of educationalists. Our team are specialist subject teachers and managers. We have a finance department and our accounts department is well trained in evaluating our finances and investments. Both the companies MAS for communities and people and BES education group have well trained staff in various departments. Our team are expert in delivering value for money , measuring impact and managing risks. We are collaborating with awarding bodies like Open awards and NCFE to be our awards providers.

How is your project going to share learning?

Not only Q members could learn about this educational project, individuals across all communities would be able to learn from the variety of courses that are available from the well recognised awarding bodies in every field of life, from English language to finance, business health and social care, teaching assistant etc.. The valuable experience of women from courses offered by these awarding bodies will be sources of learning for people who are working in various fields of life life banks, hospitals, schools and colleges, etc….

How you can contribute

  • We could take advantage of tutors or tutorials in different subject areas.

Plan timeline

27 Sep 2020 The project will start by end of September.


  1. How can I help? This is amazing.

  2. This is a great idea and I do hope that you take it forward. If you need any process visualizations done then please let me know as I'd love to help. Good luck with your idea.


  3. I'd be really interested to see the impact that this project might have on any children's outcomes as a result of their mother's participating - I woudl imagine really positive outcomes for educational achievement and wellbeing?

  4. Hi - really interested to hear about your idea. As a past Q Exchange winner, I'm supporting the Health Foundation with connecting ideas and members together to build areas for collaboration. It might be helpful to connect in with the Women's Health Special Interest group on your idea - could be a good source of support and potential collaboration.

    As per the previous commentator, I'd also like to hear how you'd be measuring the impact of the work on mental health - as this is an area where Q members could benefit from learning.

    Good luck with your idea - I'll look out for opportunities for collaboration and connection as we go. Best wishes, Emma

  5. This looks really interesting and I think the link between Mental Health and Education is key. How do you plan to measure the effectiveness of the work you will be doing in terms of both Education and Mental Health?

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