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Provide a comprehensive accessible source of cancer services for reference.

To collaborate with existing services to collate information for a comprehensive guide on cancer services in ICP area and share with patients and professionals to maximise knowledge, understanding and self-help.

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  • Proposal
  • 2020

Meet the team


  • Maggie Bailey
  • Maureen Elliott
  • Karen Bower
  • Joanne Mackintosh
  • Tracy Bruce

What is the positive change that has emerged through new collaborations or partnerships during Covid-19 that your project is going to embed?

The project has been patient lead working in partnership with Professionals from the outset  that will reinforce and embed relationships across Northumberland, Newcastle and North Tyneside between Northumbria Cancer Patient and Carer Group (NCPCG) and health, public and third sector professionals who work in cancer care and support in the area.  Relationships have been considerably strengthened during Covid19 after the findings of a survey carried out by NCPCG were disseminated and discussed at numerous virtual forums, networks, committees and communities of interest. The report stated that more clear and specific information was required for cancer patients to make decisions about their options for care. New working collaborations have arisen between NCPCG and three local cancer charities; third sector infrastructure organisations; public sector funded Locality Coordinators; Northumberland and North Tyneside CCGs and Northumbria Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust in addition to two major National charities and the NHS National Cancer Patient Forum.

What does your project aim to achieve?

This project will ensure that comprehensive, accessible information for cancer care and support in the North of Tyne Combined Authority/ ICP area is available 24/7 on a well-publicised web page which will be the ‘go to’ place for both professionals and members of the public. Currently the information is sporadic across locations and sectors and based on tacit experience.  This project will collate all of this existing knowledge in one place and share it through an explicit library of up to date information. The area has many health inequalities through geographical and social economic barriers and needs to offer ‘hard to reach’ cancer patients this information equally.  Through the promotion of this webpage, everyone can access this information directly or with the support of others, ensuring accessibility for all. The webpage will be embedded into working practice across all organisations and maintained with currency, beyond the project lifetime.

How will the project be delivered?

The project will be delivered through a well-managed project group, meeting monthly to ensure all deliverable tasks, outcomes and impacts are recorded and completed to planned timescales. NCPCG will oversee this work with Q members actively delivering the results. The information currently exists and needs a team with the right skills for collation, filtering and presenting core information in plain English and with the right taxonomy for easy referencing. The first three months of this project will focus on gathering the right information from many tacit sources, before ‘pooling’ it into one location.  The project will then focus on the grouping, segmentation and presentation of the data onto a web based platform – with the ability for continuous update to ensure currency. The last three months of the project will be refining this process and ensuring communication and understanding of the resource to a wide audience across the region.

How is your project going to share learning?

This project builds on the learning from a previous survey and delivers against the identified need of local patients and professionals for a source of cancer specific information. The project will have a parallel work stream of recording the findings whilst the tasks and objectives are being delivered. This will be shared monthly with the project management team (NCPCG, Northumberland CCG and Northumbria Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust) who will then disseminate these findings through a published report. The Trust has confirmed support from the Patient Experience team and the Innovation and Development Teams to work on the project. This report will be shared at an area level (NOT/ICP); a regional level with the ICS, NECS, VSCE and public sector networks; and a national level through the Q Exchange and the NHS National Cancer Patient Forum.

How you can contribute

  • Networking
  • Patient Participation
  • Co- Production
  • Co-Design

Plan timeline

20 Oct 2020 Finalise delivery plan completed plan with milestones and KPIs
20 Oct 2020 Handover document with route to sustainability.
20 Oct 2020 Inform networks to share information Data collation process
20 Oct 2020 Promotion of web page Links to other sites agreed
20 Oct 2020 Promotion of web page Links to other sites agreed
20 Oct 2020 Report for learning compiled Signed off and shared
20 Oct 2020 Set up meetings/promote project objectives Diary/infographic for links
11 Jan 2021 Month 1 Recruit project team and board Relevant skills sets
11 Jan 2021 Recruit project team and board Relevant skills sets
11 Feb 2021 Attend all meetings and collate information KPIs at monthly meetings
19 Feb 2021 Complete web page Signed off by board
11 Jan 2022 Webpage control handed over to NHS Improvement


  1. Hi. I'm working with the Health Foundation to support members to identify opportunities for collaboration or support during this Q Exchange round. Your project sounds great and links with strong interest in the Q community around patient experience and participation. There's an online group, called Making use of patient experience, that you might want to seek views from. Equally, within your area of the NE there are some Q members locally that could support your idea - specifically I'm thinking about Northumbria Healthcare Trust which has a strong interest in patient experience. The Director there, Annie Laverty, is a Q member and supports the Health Foundation's work on patient experience. It might be worth making contact with her. Good luck with your idea, Emma

    1. Guest

      chris walker 1 year, 10 months ago

      Thanks Emma, your comments appreciated and most useful. As it happens I've met Annie Laverty and her Patient Experience team in the past. Her team helped us with a recent project that this new project is closely related to.

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