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What is the challenge your project is going to address and how does it connect to your chosen theme?

  • Recruitment and retention issues across staff groups
  • Outpatient demand increasing
  • Gender pay gap at higher earning levels
  • Reduce costs of travel (financial, environmental, time)

What does your project aim to achieve?

The case for using video outpatient consultations for patients is well known, particularly those patients who have difficulty travelling or have to travel long distances.  This project looks at the opportunity that video outpatient consultations for the workforce.

We are expecting to see:

  • Improved satisfaction of clinical staff
  • More flexibility in putting on additional video consult clinics


  1. Hi Simon,

    The Center for Sustainable Healthcare may be a good organisation to connect with on this project.

    Together with the Royal College of Physicians they have developed a Sustainability in Quality Improvement framework (SusQI) to measure the health outcomes of a service against its environmental, social and economic costs and impacts to determine its “sustainable value”.

    It might also be interesting to connect with one of the Health Foundations Scaling Up Improvement projects led by a team in Barts Health NHS Trust who are ‘Scaling up virtual consultations across the NHS’ . As part of this work they are looking at environmental impact so it may be worth connecting with them to understand how they are approaching this.

    Many thanks, Rosie

    1. Thanks Rosie, that's really helpful.

  2. Hi Simon

    This is an interesting proposal and will be interested how this area of work develops.   This might be a useful way of flexing capacity during periods of high demand as well as offering consultations outside of "standard" working hours.


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