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Building quality improvement capability is key to developing a culture for quality improvement where frontline staff have the knowledge & skills to own and deliver improved healthcare services to their communities.

Many of us spend time training and coaching individuals and teams to use quality improvement skills every day.  However, improvement coaches often find everyday work pressures means that there is less and less time to learn, reflect & work with others to improve their systems.

Whilst participants enjoy QI training and build valuable quality improvement knowledge and skills, it is increasingly difficult for them to change their behaviour & achieve the outcomes they want for their patients.  The Aneurin Bevan Continuous Improvement (ABCi) team at Aneurin Bevan University Health Board (ABUHB) are exploring ways to ‘activate’ newfound knowledge and skills as part of a wider QI Dosing Strategy.  My QI Journal forms part of this wider strategy to support learning and reflection.


  1. I would have found this incredibly useful when starting to undertake my QI training in order to support the learning and encourage reflection. Often the pressure of other commitments gets in the way and a QI journal would help you to keep progress on track.

  2. This is a wonderful idea. I believe evidence of continuous improvement should be included in our job specifications within the Trust. A QI journal would be a great evidence base for this with the ability for other staff to view to share ideas and would avoid duplication of improvement ideas.

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