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  1. Hi team,

    it may be worth linking in with your local recovery college to see if anyone is doing courses like this near you or (more likely) would be willing to team up with you to help delivery. Also reading about some of the work of the lovely Julie Repper at Nottingham University about her work in physical and mental health may further inspire you.

    Best of luck

    Anna 😊

  2. Hi,

    I agree with Hilda - excellent idea.

    I am currently lead for one of the testing teams for the Q Lab's collaborative project with MIND.

    In my research I have come across a Trust which, to meet the needs of the population, have developed a course for patients - "Living well with pain". It is a 5 week course where they deliver a psychologically-informed physiotherapy input for pain, depression and anxiety. The course enables them to learn new techniques to manage their low mood and anxiety in the context of pain.

    Would be happy to share any ideas and other research I have found.

    Thank you,


    1. Hi Liv


      sounds super, would be interested in hearing more about the course being developed to also share with colleagues in Primary Care as often people present repeatedly to GP for pain management, is good to be able to explore other options being developed for people to help manage pain


      kind regards



  3. Hi

    This is an excellent idea and fits with what the voices of lived experience shared was important to them. People shared with us that their mental health needs were overlooked when they were experiencing some physical health challenge, which included pain. People reported how their confidence was affected, sleep, increased anxiety to a point where often they didn't want to leave the house. A vicious circle then started between pain impacting on mental health, reduced mental well-being impacting on physical health, resulting in poorer physical health which impacted on mental health………..

    We carried out some work with Queen Margaret University where we invited them to attend a focus group and hear more about what mattered to people. Interestingly while it was obvious people wanted staff to be qualified the qualities people were seeking were more around person centredness, compassion, being none judgemental

    If any of the work we were involved in is helpful to share, please let me know, we also carried out interesting lit search including whether staff were picking up on cues/hearing what people were saying. There is also the issue here around how staff's well-being is supported as often staff already feel stretched if asked to do more in an area they maybe don't think is in their remit can make the QI journey from here to there more challenging


    sorry I haven't had time to read full bid yet just wanted to fire this in and if you would find it helpful to have me bounce ideas off of i am happy to help


    Kind regards


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