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What is the challenge your project is going to address and how does it connect to your chosen theme?

Meet Tom.  He is a Specialist Nurse with a curious mind and some good ideas.  He thinks he has spotted an opportunity to innovate but he isn’t sure where to start.  In most NHS Trusts, Tom’s path to getting the right support will not be simple.  If he is lucky, he might get to the right person or resource first time.  If not, he is likely to have to navigate a series of intranet pages, forms, emails, telephone calls and get passed around until his request is matched with the right function.  Research? Quality Improvement? Clinical Audit?  Something else?  What if his idea doesn’t fit neatly into one of these silos?  At best this situation wastes energy, at worst it stifles innovation and collaboration.  We want to break down these barriers and provide a collaborative platform accessible for the ‘everyday’ healthcare worker that links people, ideas and resources across the health system to support innovation and improvement.

What does your project aim to achieve?

We aim to take elements of Q and combine it with the often untapped expertise of those across Kingston Hospital and the local healthcare landscape.  We will create a local digital hub for people to share their ideas and connect across departmental, organisational and professional boundaries to support them in taking those ideas forward. We will be looking to collaborate with the existing improvement hub created by Hexitime, and work in partnership to build on this by creating new functionality within Hexitime to generate a localized research and improvement space aimed at frontline staff. This is in line with working towards our overriding aim of making improvement activity more accessible and visible,  leading to an increase in improvement activity led by frontline staff whilst delivering other important benefits such as the prevention of duplication of improvement initiatives.

How will the project be delivered?

This project will develop and evaluate an online digital platform to support the development of an organisation-wide improvement community.  In order to develop this platform, we will initially invest time in better understanding the voice of the customer in relation to this problem, engaging with frontline staff to establish how they would like the platform to work.  Initially, this platform will be tested within Kingston Hospital, providing a platform for Kingston Hospital Foundation Trust (KHFT) staff to contribute content and access support in a far more effective way than multiple emails and online forms that currently exist.  It will be established in conjunction with the development of a physical Improvement and Innovation space as part of a wider organisational effort to provide a seamless source of capability development and support. After the initial Plan Do Study Act cycles, we will then look to expand to include partner organisations, patients and the public.

What and how is your project going to share learning throughout?

This project will have an inbuilt platform to invite feedback from users to ensure it is functional, user friendly and meets the needs throughout. As well as this the project will be measured against several metrics including net promoter scores, activity credits, staff survey results (improvement questions) and research activity and visibility KPIs. These will be reported on a weekly basis during the initial development phase and shared with the project team with a risk management plan supporting any issues with the metrics. Whilst initially focusing locally within Kingston, the aim is to expand the project across the system, with the opportunity to collaborate with the Health Innovation Network currently being explored to spread the hub across South London. As well as showcasing the benefits of the platform internally at events and in the physical hub we will also share the learning with colleagues via existing system wide meetings and the Q Community, during and after the first year.

How you can contribute

  • • Can you see this being used across a system - such as Acute Trusts in South West London or across primary care, secondary care and community services?
  • • Do you think this idea would be useful in the work that you do?
  • • Do you agree gaps exist in allowing colleagues across the health sector to access the right support to move their ideas forward?

Plan timeline

18 Nov 2019 Agree project evaluation framework
18 Nov 2019 Assign project roles to individuals
18 Nov 2019 Engage with Trust staff on functionality/ content of platfor
18 Nov 2019 Establish comms outlining the project across the Trust
18 Nov 2019 Project kickoff meeting with key stakeholders
25 Nov 2019 Engage with Hexitime to establish viable format
28 Nov 2019 Use staff feedback to formulate initial design
9 Dec 2019 Begin initial build of 'skeleton' platform
6 Jan 2020 Test new platform functionality with project team & staff
20 Jan 2020 Iterate and develop website working off feedback
27 Jan 2020 Test & iterate again to improve functionality
3 Feb 2020 'Soft' launch of platform, piloting in a service
17 Feb 2020 Iterate and learn from 'soft' launch to develop final produc
18 Feb 2020 Agree plan for scale-up and spread across wider landscape
18 Feb 2020 Increase comms in lead up to go live of new platform
28 Feb 2020 Ensure platform is finalised by deadline of 02/03/20
2 Mar 2020 Hold go live event for platform and roll out Trust wide
2 Mar 2020 Post go live- track platform performance in weekly meetings
6 Apr 2020 Summative project evaluation stage


    • Chimes with my experience of Hexitime in last year's Q Exchange that ideas resonating with Q Community members were those embracing Q's "New Power" values. Good luck!
  1. I think this could provide a really interesting prototype for improvement work at STP/ICS system for others to learn from, particularly in light of what the London Improvement and Transformation Architecture (LITA) is outlining. I think this could be done for the SW London STP as an exciting venture!

    1. Agreed!  We already have some of the infrastructure through our acute provider collaborative and this would be a great way to expand that to include other SWL partners.  It could be a very effective way to join up and get an overview of improvement/innovation activity across the system.

  2. This looks great! I work as a clinical audit manager at Epsom and St Helier so this is a problem I witness occurring regularly and can really relate to. It would be fantastic to have open access to a platform like this in order to make it easier for clinicians to drive forward their improvement ideas without barriers.

    Good luck!

    1. Thanks Monica!  I think there is real potential to use this as a platform for collaboration across our local system.  This would help to accelerate our existing collaborative QI work in SW London and be a great way to connect people working in similar areas.

    2. Hi Monica. It’s good to hear that this would be useful as ESTH too. It would be great to connect and get your views as we develop the platform.


  3. I have always promoted 'Sharing & Collaboration' and if connecting 'local' Industry experts in the field of Improvement across different sectors can offer advice, help, coaching and support to 'local' Healthcare workers, then this is a great concept indeed.

    This certainly has my 100% backing - Good Luck with this !

    1. Thanks Anil.  We're particularly exited about the potential to make this really accessible to front line staff and promote collaboration across boundaries.  Anyone could potentially raise an improvement idea or innovation and use this platform to develop their thinking and connect with the people and resources to make it happen.

  4. Having done a pretty thorough search of what is out there and looking through the other ideas from 2019 Q Exchange, I've not found anything else that is addressing exactly this problem.  Interestingly, the closest thing I can find is Q itself.  Essentially, we are suggesting a 'Local Q' that opens up the same benefits to a much wider improvement community - not just improvement experts, but staff from across the health and social system.  This could support a wide range of condition specific, or special interest groups where people can exchange ideas, get advice and collaborate.  Hopefully this makes it far easier for people to connect with the right support even if can't locate their idea in an existing silo (e.g. is it research, QI, audit or something else?)

  5. Have you seen that was funded in last year's exchange? I think it might already be doing this?

    1. Thanks John - it has been really interesting to talk through current and potential functionality of Hexitime with you.  Excellent that we can collaborate on this - I think that using the core functionality of Hexitime and adapting it to deliver some of the additional benefits that we have described will give us a real head start in making this work.  Also gives us the added bonus of all the learning from developing the existing platform!

    2. Hi John. Many thanks for your comment. Yes I know about Hextime, great initiative. This isn’t the same. This idea is to create support to anyone in our Trust, and hopefully across SW London, who is embarking on QI work or research and to share knowledge & learning. However it’s helpful to know that the current description sounds like Hextime to you so we can amend to make a t clearer

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