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Data, Analysis and Intelligence academy

To co-learn, co-develop, share and spread best practice, subject matter expertise and learning on a range of health data, analysis insight and intelligence themes.

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  • Idea
  • 2019

Meet the team


  • Charlotte Harris (NHSE/I), Neil Martin (NHSE/I), Simon Snowden (NHSE/I), Andi Orlowski (ICHP), Henry Ireland (ICHP)

What is the challenge your project is going to address and how does it connect to your chosen theme?

Wide range of skills, SME, knowledge and approaches in the NHS and wider systems.  Often not shared, or only shared locally – aspiration is to develop and adopt a common national framework, platform, range of SMEs, supporting case studies, CPD, with lots of supporting content so the NHS as a whole can learn, share and progress its better use of data, analysis, insight and intelligence.

What does your project aim to achieve?

Project aim statement is

To co-learn, co-develop, share and spread

•best practice and learning on a range of insight and intelligence themes
•DAIS subject matter expertise and tools with wider health system

For whom?
•NHS systems (ICSs and STPs), commissioners and providers
•NHSE/I and other ALBs

By When?
Planning and design Summer 2019, initial cohorts of activity through 2019

How will the project be delivered?

Theme/topic selection: 

Select themes from

  • “Hot topics”, e.g. segmentation, risk stratification, etc
  • Subject matter expertise
  • Products which would be of benefit to wider NHS
    (potential) for “open space” session with NHS input to identify key subjects

Content development: 

For foundation level 1) what is it?, 2) why do/use it?, 3) how to do/use it, 4) examples of where used.

For special interest, 1) small cohort of interested potential users, 2) learning set/hackathon approach, 3) iteration to completion, 4) case study

Dissemination, share and spread: 

Foundation:  Webex/webinar and published materials on Future NHS

Special interest:  Workshop/hackathon or more general “socialisation”, iterated to completion with attendees.  Projects delivered and case studies developed

Wider learning and spread: 

Future NHS, routine comms.  Case study signposting using STARL (situation, task, action, result, learning), supported by more detailed case study.  (Potential) select case study webinars

What and how is your project going to share learning throughout?

Topics and themes selected and prioritised via users, requirements to be captured from across NHS.

Spread will be via range of media, be they initial webex/webinar, recorded and made available to all.  Be they followed up via learnign sets with special interest groups.  All supported by documentaiton and signposting on FutureNHS.  All with relevant case studies and related.

Specific “how to guides” to be developed and socialised via regional events.

How you can contribute

  • This is a project NHSE/I are doing. Plans are for it to be done in collaboration with Imperial College Health Partners, ideally other AHSNs too.
  • However, we are keen this is not just an NHSE/I thing, there is/are SME and products acorss the NHS that would be of benefit to all, and of benefit across all organisations not specific to certain geographies. So, we are keen to ID the range of good data, analysis, insight and intelligence things that are going on and make this more accessible to all.

Plan timeline

24 Jul 2019 Agree project scope and brief


  1. Dear team,

    I can see huge potential in this idea! I think it might be really beneficial for my work and I’d like to keep in touch and see how it develops. I'd personally find it really helpful if you could illustrate your ideas with some practical case studies or concrete examples. Is that possible?

    Thanks so much

    take care

    best wishes


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