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Meet the team


  • Maria Bungaroo (Care Home Manager)
  • Lesley Munro (Primary Care Network, Portsmouth)

What is the challenge your project is going to address and how does it connect to your chosen theme?

Increasingly, services offered in the community are delivered in an integrated way, pulling together expertise from a variety of organisations. These organisations have very different cultures and approaches to improvement. At Solent we have a community research partnership, where organisations such as care homes, voluntary sector organisations, schools and colleges collaborate to deliver studies – this has been extremely successful, demonstrating the value of working together in partnership to improve care.

This doesn’t always give opportunity to address issues locally but we know that this is something that Quality Improvement can do – it enables teams from any background to work on improvement ideas together, and along side those that are using their services. We’d like to work together to adapt our existing QI programme to suit those from non NHS organisations, and offer training to improve skills in improvement along side delivery of facilitated projects.

What does your project aim to achieve?

The project will increase QI skills and capabilities across the community sector, particularly those that are linked to our services. The aim is to build collaborations and collective understanding of QI, to enable the joint delivery of projects.


  1. I like that this project links place based working with QI skill development, research and actual delivering of QI projects. That leaves lots of coordination and potential learning to be curated so I wondered how you'll start the engagement and identify where to start?

    Good luck this year, Sarah!

  2. Hi Carl - am currently working with Care homes in East Midlands - happy to share experiences from there. Also have experience supporting parent learners as they undertake their own QI projects.

    1. Likewise - we have been testing delivering QI with care homes as part of the Safer Salford programme. LOTS of learning in terms of how language is used and the appropriateness of "science of improvement" in a non-clinical environment. Also, we've found that a community of practice model seems to be delivering greater benefits than a more structured BTS collaborative approach. Happy to share learning with you!

  3. Dear team,

    great to hear about your idea. I’d love to hear more about how you think the expertise and experience of doing joint research will support your plans to deliver joint improvement training?

    Good luck

    warm wishes


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