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What is the challenge your project is going to address and how does it connect to your chosen theme?

Healthier Fylde Coast ICP aims to integrate health and social care, and deliver better outcomes for their residents. Delivering better outcomes means working in a different way, building relationships and acknowledging that contributions to outcomes are made by many partners.  It’s also important to recognise and respect different professions, and the role they have to play in providing integrated care as well as removing organisational barriers, particularly the behavioural factors associated with ‘organisational tribalism’.

We have started this journey through collaboration and development of a 100 systems leaders programme  developed around the NHS North West Leadership Academy, Systems Leadership Behaviours framework. System leaders have developed relationships to change, but lack QI Capability.

There is minimal capability within one partner organisation and a requirement to build further capability across the ICP. The project would support enabling this.

What does your project aim to achieve?

The project will build on the learning from the 100 System Leaders Programme with a specific focus of building QI capability across the ICP to support sustainable improvements in the quality of care, patient outcomes and efficiencies through the development of health economy pathways.

We intend to create a culture of improvement through initial focus via the newly established Fylde Coast Clinical Pathways Group, which consists of 100 leaders’ participants and patients. We will initially focus on the health economy pathways relating to sepsis, pneumonia, stroke, COPD and diabetes.

We aim to share our learning and experience across the boundaries to support further service improvements within the framework of QI methodology to support sustainability

How will the project be delivered?

Educational programmes aligned to NHSI ACT Academy QSIR training by accredited ACT Academy Teaching Associates from within one of the organisations.

This will be interspersed by coaching and peer support

QI surgeries will be established to provide local based access to advice as the capability develops

Updates on QI and project progress will be shared via newsletters and our website/podcasts

Social media will be used as a forum for communication

Work will be undertaken in partnership with Patients and all 12 health and social care partners alongside voluntary agencies – this will ensure all stakeholders have involvement in project design and delivery

Links with the Medical Education and Deanery Dept. will facilitate junior doctor involvement in the pathway projects and wider as capability grows.

What and how is your project going to share learning throughout?

We are looking to develop an online platform accessible internally and externally to support the QI process and gain help, advice, support etc

We will develop a communication plan which will include:

share learning and successes via a QI newsletter to circulate good examples of improvement and also where change hasn’t been successful so staff recognise failure is not final!

Celebration events to  showcase the improvements made and benefits to our patients

We will look to publish any validated improvements in specific pathways e.g. sepsis and share via the Q Community

We would provide updates and presentations to the Patient Influence Panel, Neighbourhood Meetings and ICP Execs, alongside patient stories

How you can contribute

  • Advice from any ICP teams already undertaken this type of project to support development and embedding of QI across healthcare boundaries

Plan timeline

26 Jul 2019 A full project plan will be implemented if successful


  1. Hi Team

    It seems you have very similar challenges and ideas to our STP project. We also use QSIR for our training and have a slowly expanding faculty. Dealing with the differing cultures across our STP Trusts has been interesting. We are planning to get an online/video introductory package and so I'd be really interested to know if you have any more details on this. We were going to look at whether this could be done in a way that creates a core content that Q members could share and add bespoke beginning and end in order to customise it for local purposes: what do you think.

    In any event, I'd be really interested to talk to your team and share ideas and experience.

  2. Hi Tracy, Emma and Sabia,


    need any any help with this? Have you seen the other ICS QExchange ideas too?

    best wishes


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