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Bridging the QI gap – patients, peers and partners

OUH QI Hub is a growing,multiprofessional community aiming to develop QI capability;continuous, sustained patient-centred improvement by providing shared learning,collaboration and mentorship for all.

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  • Proposal
  • 2019

Meet the team


  • Joanne Bunyan

What is the challenge your project is going to address and how does it connect to your chosen theme?

Continuous improvement through QI is integral to providing high quality care.

Formal support for developing QI skills is often difficult to access and fragmented and feedback has shown an unmet need. Individuals and teams work tirelessly to provide high quality care in busy settings and are keen to improve, but often are short of support or skills to do so. At our organisation there are excellent pockets of activity with limited access to the wider team and select few opportunities for shared learning.

The QI Hub delivers a central programme open to anyone in the trust who is keen to undertake improvement. We support them through their QI journey; equip them with skills, tools and a structure to lead projects. We hope that this would lead to sustainable change for the benefit of patients, colleagues and departments. This will encourage them to participate in further projects in their areas and be change agents.

What does your project aim to achieve?

Our aim is to develop a community of empowered individuals and teams with QI capability that drives continuous, sustained improvement within their specialist areas.

· We provide support to anyone who has an idea for change, using QI to deliver effective and impactful QI projects with training and mentorship.

· We aim to work with patients, making them an integral part of the improvement process. The comments by Q community and personal communication has highlighted the interest for patient involvement in QI projects.

– We would like to take it a step further and develop partnerships with primary care to bridge the gap in healthcare provision.

· We intend to create a culture of QI, empowering people to improve patient and staff experience and thus create an environment where excellence will thrive.

· We would initially focus on our immediate partners within the Thames Valley and would be keen to share our learning and experience from this journey across boundaries to support QI development.

How will the project be delivered?

Developing QI capability/community

· Educational programme runs in 4 monthly cycles providing fortnightly, dedicated QI education delivered by an experienced faculty.

· Individualised, practical workshops with face to face sessions and peer support.

· Alumni network that will share examples of exemplar activity that could be replicated in other areas.

· Web based interface and QI newsletter to share this work beyond the alumni.

· The Hub provides a central platform for all QI representatives to meet quarterly to discuss key trust and local priorities and identify key improvement areas.


· Linking with partners doing QI within Thames valley and Primary care

· Patients are to become an important part of this community with direct involvement in individual QI projects and contributing to the design and development of services.

· Aim to partner with Oxford University and the Deanery to incorporate QI into education to bring QI to the future generation that will work within the NHS.

What and how is your project going to share learning throughout?

· OUH QI Hub aims to provide a platform for sharing learning and QI activity within and outside our organisation.

· Current faculty has wide multidisciplinary representation from the organisation and Q community.

· QI representatives will come together to share examples and improvement tools from the wider specialty-specific community.

· We are looking to develop an online platform and QI newsletter to circulate good examples of improvement. This will allow the alumni to stay connected and share their experiences beyond the programme.

· This web based platform will be open to everyone within and outside the trust, so that patients & staff can offer suggestions for improvement or highlight excellence.

· We are keen to have a celebration event bringing together all the improvement activities around the trust to create yet another opportunity to bridge the silo working gap

How you can contribute

  • We are a newly formed group with a great deal of enthusiasm and small scale experience. The feedback from the educational and mentorship QI programme has been very positive, and we have had immense support from our organisational leadership. The programme has attracted participants from frontline areas, busy units and multidisciplinary backgrounds with support from their senior managers.
  • We would be keen to receive ideas from anyone who has had similar experience in developing a community and capability within their areas.
  • We would be keen to partner with others within and outside our region to cross support in QI teaching and experience.
  • We are eager to learn about any groups that have partnered with patients in their improvement journey- in particular experience based co-design, patient co-production and patient led projects.

Plan timeline

25 Oct 2019 Identify & discuss models across Thames Valley & nationally
1 Nov 2019 Scoping; design and literaure review
1 Nov 2019 Workshop based on Informatics; literature & local models
7 Nov 2019 Engagement of key stakeholders: Primary care, patient groups
15 Nov 2019 Identifying Website design support + Admin support
6 Dec 2019 Establish core working group, review of literature
20 Dec 2019 Website basic template design
14 Feb 2020 Develop & test website template with partners
21 Feb 2020 Hub in-house QI programme with allocated patient per project
24 Apr 2020 Design+execute pilot to review website submissions, activity
15 May 2020 Workshop-discuss feedback,impact from 1st improvement cycle
22 May 2020 Review pilot results for website submissions and activity
19 Jun 2020 Develop plans for Improvement cycle 2
30 Aug 2020 Recommendations for sustainability of project work.
4 Sep 2020 Core team meeting – Hub, Patients group and Primary care
4 Sep 2020 Final workshop - discuss results of improvement cycles
18 Sep 2020 Develop an end of project report and submit it


  1. Guest


    I do appreciate this initiative, though I’m not a qualified medical practitioner, my interest sways towards patient experience. This is largely due to my profession of customer experience, I’d be glad to share and extend my knowledge to make your endeavor more effective. It’s very interesting to bridge the digital and physical world. I could help you get some concept sketches for your portal which you have envisioned.

  2. Hi All,

    This sounds great, I would be interested to know the breakdown of staff groups that access this support and the types of projects they are working on for shared learning.

    We have a common theme with your project, although there are some key differences I think there is scope to connect and increase learning.




  3. I think it is a great idea to link with primary care as that sector will have such an insightful view of quality at OUH, and ideas and suggestions for improvement.  Have you thought about how you can engage primary care, as for them, like OUH staff, time is a scarce resource?

    1. Thanks Fran,

      There are some existing links with primary care with communication channels, and some areas having strong working partnerships already. The web platform will be designed with input from the partner groups. Once the website has been tested and is running, we are hoping to advertise through those channels - for example the GP bulletin, the CCG meeting, the educational team, interface physicians. This would be extended to community teams- nursing, allied health care professionals.

      The key would be to get suggestions for improvement from areas that we do not have great insight into and see how we can address these through the Hub Improvement Programme and feedback changes through the similar channels of communication. Alternatively, we could have our own publication that can be circulated.

      Thank you for your support.

    2. Dear Fran,

      Thank you.
      I believe that our colleagues in primary care are  pivotal in improving quality of care across organisational boundaries.The website will provide a platform for doctors and allied health professionals in primary care to offer ideas;update progress and share learning from projects.

      We would adapt our regular educational program & workshop to make it more suitable for primary care and provide mentorship; resources and support for anyone interested in undertaking QI.

      We are keen to hear from Q community colleagues who work in primary care in the Thames valley region.

      We are interested in hearing about achievements & challenges from members of the Q community regarding similar projects in their region.

  4. Guest

    David Evans 3 years, 1 month ago

    Happy to share any resources from our West of England Academy QI toolkit if it would help (and maybe save duplication).

    1. Dear David,

      Thanks for your kind offer. It would be great to share resources and learning from projects in the West of England Academy.

      We would also be interested in sharing your experience of involving colleagues in primary care.

    2. Dear David,

      Thanks for your kind offer.

      It would be great to share resources with the West of England Academy.

      We would also be interested in sharing your experience of involving colleagues in primary care.

    3. Great idea Dave 😊

    4. Guest

      Mridula Rajwani 3 years, 1 month ago

      Thanks David,

      That would be really helpful. is our email.

      Best wishes


  5. Guest

    Mridula Rajwani 3 years, 1 month ago

    That would be great and very appreciated!

    We are keen to have patient representation and input on as many projects through the Hub programme as we can.

  6. It sounds like a great local project with lots of enthusiasm.

    We have been working with patients to design QI training for them so they can lead projects.  V happy to share our work



    1. Dear Kate,

      Thanks for your very kind offer.
      We would be keen to learn from your experience. Empowering patients to lead and support QI projects is the way forward.

      This would be a great opportunity to work together across Wessex & Thames valley as part of the PIER network.

    2. Guest

      Mridula Rajwani 3 years, 1 month ago

      That would be great and very appreciated!

      We are keen to have patient representation and input on as many projects through the Hub programme as we can.

  7. We are all so passionate about taking this  worthwhile initiative forward.


    We would welcome advice, thoughts and shared learning on what has worked well previously and how to overcome common pitfalls when setting up these networks.

  8. Great idea team. So helpful to bring people together in this way.

    What input would you like at this stage from others?

    best wishes


    1. Dear Anna,


      We have heard about the excellent work done by your team. We are particularly impressed by how you have involved patients and used patient co-design as part of your QI projects. Any advice on what has worked well on your projects would be greatly appreciated.

      We would also be keen to hear about other projects using web interface and models for involving patients in QI projects.

    2. Guest

      Mridula Rajwani 3 years, 1 month ago

      Thanks Anna,

      It would be great to hear of experience in doing similar projects and any key challenges that were faced.

      We are keen to have patient representation and input into as many projects as we can going through the Hub programme.

  9. This is so needed at OUH. Building a community of empowered individuals is essential to show success so QI can grow in support. I hope to see the fruits of this project in all levels of our Trust.

    1. Guest

      Mridula Rajwani 3 years, 1 month ago

      Thanks Deon,

      Our aim is to get QI into the regular dialogue at OUH .

      We have seen a wave which has been great and very positive.

      We are keen to learn from wider experiences in patient involvement and web based platform use .

      Thank you for your support .

    2. Thanks Deon. There is clearly a huge benefit to the organisation when all staff feel involved and empowered to make changes.

  10. This is a really excellent idea which will build on the success of the OUH QI Hub so far but will also extend the support and increase access at this critical point in the development of the QI network.

    A particular strength for me is the ability for patients to log on to the platform, comment on QI projects and offer suggestions.

    1. Guest

      Mridula Rajwani 3 years, 1 month ago

      Thanks Anny,

      At the outset, one of our key aims was incorporating the patient voice, and working with patients as partners in quality improvement .

      The web platform will aim to get suggestions for improvement from care providers and care receivers. Staff on the frontline, patients and carers can provide a wealth of experience to address small changes that can have significant impact .

      Thank you again for your support.

    2. Dear Anny,

      Thank you. Your support is very much appreciated. .

  11. Dear Clare,

    Thank you. We are delighted that patient is being appreciated.

    1. We are delighted that patient participation is being appreciated.

  12. Love the enthusiasm and drive to suceed. Delighted that patient partnership is being designed in from the start. I wish you every success in this important venture.

    1. Guest

      Mridula Rajwani 3 years, 1 month ago

      Thanks Clare,

      It has been a great journey thus far.

      The next stage is to get as much patient representation into the projects going through the Hub programme as we can. It will enhance the team, the quality of the projects and encourage staff to work with patients as partners.

      We are grateful for your support!

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