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What is the challenge your project is going to address and how does it connect to your chosen theme?

The NHS Long Term Plan requires that we deliver 30% of outpatients appointments in a new way than traditional face-to-face consultations.  As a large acute Trust with a clear digital vision, this requirement of the Long Term Plan dovetails with our local aspirations.

Many patients appointments need to be delivered in a different way that saves them time and stress, and improves how we use our finite resources.  By offering video consultations – especially for some follow-up appointments – we will improve patient engagement (especially with certain demographics) and experience, reduce non-attendances by making it easier to see a specialist clinician, and release our physical and time resources to prioritise on the start of patient journeys and for those patients who genuinely have or feel the need for face-to-face time.

This will support our clinical and estate strategies to provide safe, effective care, value for money and fantastic patient experience for our population.

What does your project aim to achieve?

See above.

(Apologies for brevity – short notice for completion, more detail available on request)

How will the project be delivered?

Through a device-agnostic digital solution, supported by robust engagement with staff and patients.

(Apologies for brevity – short notice for completion, more detail available on request)

What and how is your project going to share learning throughout?

Progress and success will first be shared within the One Gloucestershire ICS with the aim of providing a consistent solution across the patient journey and to deliver value for money.  This would then go further across our alliances and regional networks.

(Apologies for brevity – short notice for completion, more detail available on request)


  1. Thanks for this and hope that you can add more by the deadline (29 July).  The main thing we seem to be lacking in this field at the moment is data on how much non face-to-face activity is already happening.  Do you have access to that in your organisation?

    Please do link with other teams looking at tech!

  2. Could be a good idea but please add the missing detail.

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