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Meet the team: #TalkingCafeMPH


  • Andrea Trill – Medical Director for Integrated and Community Care, Musgrove Park
  • Musgrove Community Agent – To be appointed
  • Raj Singh – Operations Manager Community Council for Somerset
  • Louise Ford – Community Development and Liaison – Integrated and Community Care Team, Musgrove Park Hospital
  • Karen Holden – Associate Director of Patient Centred Care, Musgrove Park Hospital
  • Kerry Trunks - Patient Experience Lead at Musgrove Park Hospital
  • Musgrove Park Volunteers
  • Carers Agent Team – Community Council for Somerset

Organisations in Somerset are increasingly working collaboratively to address the issues of people being in hospital longer than is beneficial to them, and being re-connected back into the community once leaving hospital. Since October 2017, Village Agents have been supporting the Home First service for 1 day a week. (Home First is a joint venture between health and adult social care). They have made a difference to at least 30 people in effecting a quicker discharge from community bed based care. This has been achieved through, for example,  addressing problems with a person’s home environment or helping self funders find care. There are 10 talking cafes in Somerset under various stages of development and these have been shown to help with problem solving, connect people into the community and focus on people’s well being.

A central space has been identified in the local acute hospital (Musgrove Park Hospital) for a talking café, which we believe would be the first of it’s kind. The idea is supported by key stakeholders, including:

o   An executive director

o   The Village Agent service

o   The patient experience team lead

o   Adult Social Care

o   Patient Flow and discharge team

We know that the dynamics of the café would be different from that in the community. Families and carers are trying to support getting their loved ones home and often require more support than health professionals can provide, as they are inevitably focusing on acute care needs. We envisage the taking café being open to all: patients, families and carers and staff. We would like to staff it 5 days a week led by a village agent, and bring different organisations in for different themes during the week. This would be developed along QI principles of test and learn, but we already have ideas of people/organisations who could be involved, eg microproviders.

The proposal is therefore funding for 1 year to deliver a talking café 5 days a week at Musgrove Park Hospital, using a test and learn approach to see which supporting organisations and themes provide most value for money.

How you can contribute

  • Feed into the design of the service
  • Change ideas
  • Share stories and data as the test and learn develops


  1. I am so pleased to support this. There is a real need to have a mechanism in place to signpost and support patients, family, and careers receive the care and help they need.

  2. Hi Simon. You will know our colleague Jenny Pickhaver who has been trying to pick up with you on this.  Measurement is integral to the project as we need to demonstrate a 25% reduction in long stay patients.  We are fortunate, as you know, to have some fantastic data analysis / measurement experts in the improvement team who we will draw on to help us evidence the progress of the project.  There will be regular reviews with the partners (Musgrove and The Community Council for Somerset) to understand how the service is running and address any issues or unintended consequences.  We will also be PDSAing the best way to deliver this service (for example hours, days, types of support and signposting required) on an ongoing basis.  It would be great to involve you if we get through to the next stage!

  3. I like this. It has How do you propose to evaluate - benefits and potential unintended consequences?


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