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Meet the team: SAHA PPI EI


  • Will be developing the team from East Midlands, West Midlands and Greater Manchester so will identify PPI Leads and Q Members from these regions to help develop this project further.

Despite numerous publications, PPI policies, Government and NHS recommendations there is still a lack of equality and diversity in PPI which needs to addressed so would like to carry out this project that will help to create more south Asian patients, carers and communities to help create more role models. Also, the project will aim to implement recent public involvement standards attached prioritising equality and diversity.


How you can contribute

  • To help provide data and evidence of Equality and Diversity of PPI in NHS structures and support for addressing the ongoing lack of representation. Also to review PPI publications that reference lack of Equality and Diversity in NHS structures.

Further information

71110_A4_Public_Involvement_Standards_v4_WEB (PDF, 240KB)


  1. Hi Kirit. I presume PPI stands for patient and public involvement, but please correct me if I’m wrong. Have you already identified some PPI Leads and Q Members from the regions you mentioned to partner with, or are you hoping to do this later, if the bid is successful? Aiming to involve people from different backgrounds so that this smaller PPI population reflects the true diversity of the UK population seems like a very sensible aim. I am a little unsure however if I’ve understood this correctly – is your aim to increase the engagement of this particular group of people in PPI to better reflect the UK population, or is it to audit existing services? If it’s the latter, what do you hope to achieve through this audit? For example, do you hope that the outputs from the audit will be used to overhaul the way people are selected or self-select for PPI, or would there be suggestions included in the report to help increase this particular population group in future PPI?

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