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Live Well – A blended approach to condition management

Integrating technology into condition management appraches to improve outcomes and promote digital inclusion which will include a range of self management group programmes that are delivered via Skype covering a range of conditions.

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  • Idea
  • 2018

Meet the team: Powys Progress Partnership


  • Sarah Cronin, Development Manager
  • Digital Communities Wales

In a rural area like mid Wales it is often difficult for people to attend clinic appointments in person. Even if they do attend on the first occasion they often find it impossible to attend follow-ups or participate in face to face sessions every week as would be expected in the vast majority of condition management programmes.

To overcome this we have started to integrate technology solutions with face to face contact to improve access, support and motivation. We have already used Skype and a small number of apps but we want to develop this further in collaboration with the people using our services.

For those not confident with using digital technologies we have partnered with Digital Communities Wales who provide free training and support to people wishing to improve their digital skills and can assist people in learning to use apps, communicate via Skype and accessing quality health related information on the internet.

A range of modalities will be integrated into existing services. For some condition management programmes there is already an option to participate via Skype and we are seeking to build on this solid foundation. We also find that regular text reminders helps to engage programme participants in between sessions and we are currently developing bespoke e-learning modules for supporting specific aspects of our existing courses.

Where good quality apps have already been developed we will look to purchase the appropriate licences and integrate them into existing services so that people can access the information they need at whatever time of day they wish. We will particularly be looking at apps which support people in developing self management skills to improve the individual’s sense of self efficacy.

The current service looks to help people improve their wellbeing and doesn’t artificially separate physical and mental health. We work with the individual as a whole and also aim to provide information and support that can be accessed by their partner, friends and relatives in order that assistance can be provided in as positive way as possible. There is also an option to include a peer support element too.

We have already run an award winning proof of concept study and are now looking for support to upscale and develop the project.

How you can contribute

  • Support our idea
  • Ideas for integrating technology into condition management
  • Support for an efficient way of delivering condition management in rural and hard to reach settings
  • Links to quality, tried and tested healthcare apps which have a solid research backing.


  1. Owen, Could you share your IIYH PSM course content? Part of our project is to update/improve our course and you are covering a number of topics in your course that we do not address but I think we should. Regards Tom

    1. Hi Tom,

      I'll ask a colleague who manages this aspect of the service to get in touch.



  2. Hi , this is a really interesting and valuable project and I like the fact it integrates mental and physical health as well as peer support, and is also trying to address better access to services.

    have you come across the Big White Wall? online support for mental health problems?

    best wishes Nerys






    1. Hi Nerys,

      Thanks for the link. I hadn't come across the Big White Wall before. It looks like an interesting resource. Glad you like our project. We have been trying to integrate mental and physical health in the work we do for years but it often feels a bit of an uphill struggle so it is good to know others think we are on the right track.

      Best wishes,




  3. Owen, I found this today. Not sure if it is of interest to you. It's about an new app developed for the nhs.

    Regards Tom

  4. Hi Tom,

    I think there are definitely opportunities for sharing knowledge and ideas here. Will discuss it with the rest of the team and get back to you.

    Best wishes,


  5. Owen/Clare,
    Our project (see 'Community Support') is also about developing patient self management (PSM) for patients with a long term condition and also living in a rural area with poor public transport links. We are interested in your e-module developments  and your IIVH course content. Please have a look at our project page and see if you think that our two projects could collaborate in these developments? Regards Tom

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