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Meet the team: ECC Quality Innovation Team


  • Tom Owen, My Home Life
  • Sarah Perry, Quality Improvement Officer
  • Karen Williams, Quality Improvement Officer
  • Rod Manning, Quality Improvement Officer

Analysis of CQC ratings in Essex show Nursing homes have a lower percentage of good or outstanding Quality ratings (67%) compared to Residential care homes (82%). There is a far greater reliance upon agency staff and often a Nursing home may only have one registered nurse on shift, which is still in compliance with regulations.  Registered nurses in a nursing home environment do not have the clinical backup that is readily available to registered nurses in a hospital environment which means they are in a very isolated position. At a recent community of practice event for the Prosper project a nurse stated that sometimes she just wants someone to run something by and give a second opinion, she knows her field of work but on occasions needs that extra peer support.  Nurses in Nursing homes have to delegate tasks to care staff which requires Nurses to have leadership skills in managing care staff who are undertaking tasks that ultimately the RN is still responsible for, very few will have undergone any kind of leadership programme. Nursing home RN’s are also required to undertake procedures that they may only come across once every six months or longer and are unable to build up a confident level of competency.  The idea of the RN leadership forum is based upon the existing My Home Life Leadership programme for care home managers and the Prosper Community of Practice for Care homes. The leadership programme will meet on a monthly basis with peers and have facilitated reflective learning, explore leadership skills and Quality Improvement methodology but most importantly build up a network of peer support whom they can call upon when needing advice and support. The ultimate goal is to create a self sufficient Nurses forum.

The Leadership programme will run alongside a CPD series of conferences for Nursing home RN’s which will include core capabilities, quality improvement methodology and refresher training where competency needs updating.  The CPD conferences are already funded by Essex County Council as part of their Quality Innovation programme of work, working with the 5 CCG’s in Essex.

How you can contribute

  • measures of success
  • exit strategies to support self sufficient forums


  1. Hi Lesley - make sure you register before, to join the Zoom call. Also: if you tweet about this project, I can retweet it from the Q account (8,000 followers). But needs to be well before midday tomorrow deadline, to give people time!

  2. Become a supporter of the Nursing Homes Registered Nurses Leadership forum.

  3. Hi Lesley,

    This sounds like a great way to support and develop peer support, leadership, quality improvement capabilities and more.

    But it would help to encourage some people to comment or click to show their support for the project - before the site is frozen at midday tomorrow.

    By the way, if you’re interested in NHS Communities of Practice (CoPs), please join Q’s CoPs special interest group’s Zoom call on 13 July (1pm) to hear about the evaluation of the Health Innovation Network’s CoPs – their challenges and their journey.

    ** More info/to register:  **
    The call will be an opportunity to glean advice and insights to help this project too.


    1. Thanks Matthew, definitely interested in the COP Zoom Call

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