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Wider determinants of health is not a new concept. Whilst Public Health England has long expressed the importance of the effect of these poorly defined metrics, little has been done to link them to existent effective services that can result in measurable improvements in determinants that result in improved health outcomes.

We aim to collect and validate existing wider determinants of health metrics,and combine these into a hierarchy of impactibility. We will do so by calculating the total impact on population health whilst taking into account the potential to improve the given metric against existing services.

This would inform the design of a dashboard that not only helps local providers better understand their population, but also equip them with the means to do something about this. We have been in discussions with multiple parties on both the NHSE and provider side, as well as arms length policy bodies; the consensus is that their is a clear need for linking wider determinants and services to better serve the population.

As an NHS led organisation, we would aim to pilot our work in our local geography with publicly available data, ultimately looking to make this available as a nation wide dashboard should we be successful. We want to see wider determinants to be seen as enablers of good health, not predictors of poor health.

How you can contribute

  • Collective pooling of existing impact wider determinants
  • Combined knowledge of Q members, to provide examples of existent initiatives that influence wider determinants of health.


  1. This links to the work of Marmot and the wider social determinants of poor health. I think your proposal would be really useful to GP practices / clusters / localities / CCGs / STPs as we continue our move into the world of population health. Like you say, it would be great to have an evidence base of what works particularly around social prescribing. It seems so intuitive and as a GP I can totally see the potential of what you are saying. Many people end up seeing me with a perceived medical problem and with my medical training I have tended to come up with a medical solution. As I have engaged more in the bigger picture, I can see that many of the solutions are not health care related, but something wider which also builds on the patient's intrinsic motivation to improve themselves.

    Great idea!

    1. Thank you Hein, really glad that you agree with our idea. We would like to look at signposting with this dashboard, so it would great to get your input further down the line on this project.

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