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Meet the team: Barts Health Patient Transport Team


  • Nicholas Wellman, Contract Manager, Estates & Facilities Team, Barts Health NHS Trust
  • Kevin Shire, Associate Director of Transport Services, Barts Health NHS Trust

Barts Health Trust brought their patient transport services in house on 1st October 2017. Over 10,000 patients a month require assistance with getting to and from Barts Health hospitals. The Trust transport team carry out an average of over 30,000 patient transport journeys each month.

Trust vision is to facilitate a safe, sustainable and world class patient Transport Service (PTS) in partnership with CCG and patients and to support other NHS organisations run successful and sustainable PTS. Other NHS trusts are interested to see how the Trust fares as it is unique move for an NHS Trust to bring their patient transport provision in house.
In line with the Trust’s vision, there are 2 main ideas below designed to improve patient experience by improving patient visibility on their patient transport journeys

1)giving renal dialysis treatment patients access to their patient transport journey information from home
-ability to track online where their driver is, reduce time waiting for transport meaning that they can use their time better
-funding would go towards the developmental work required to enable the patient transport booking system software to provide them with relevant information
-improves patient experience in patient group that attend crucial dialysis treatment up to 3 times per week

2)patient transport text reminders
-automated text messages confirming when patient transport booking has been made, reminder text of their appointment/transport booking the following day and when their driver is on route to patient’s house to collect them
-designed to improve PTS service by reducing number of aborted patient journeys (and thus transport costs), and enhancing patient experience by give them additional reassurance regarding their transport

How you can contribute

  • -Advice on how to produce a strong and successful application
  • -Support on application process and how to effectively demonstrate the benefits of the ideas put forward
  • -Provide constructive feedback on funding bid
  • -Suggest potential improvements to application

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