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In Scotland there is no formalised system for reporting medication prescribing or dispensing or administration errors. Anecdotal evidence would suggest that these are under reported. It is proposed to undertake across GP practices service user and healthcare professional opinions on effectiveness of services provided and where improvements could be made.

Interventions include looking at labelling size colour packaging and repeat prescriptions initially.

How you can contribute

  • Logistically is this feasible and what might be the barriers or difficulties anticipated.

Further information

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  1. Hi Wasim

    Thank you for your feedback would be great if you could connect both Pam and I to colleagues who may have been involved in similar work in the past or currently

    Best wishes



  2. Hi Pam and Fiona

    It's not clear what intervention you're trying to test.  If just around labelling, may I suggest that you link in with community pharmacy.  You may have issues around technology (e.g. printing in colour).

    Repeat prescriptions is an complex area and lots have been done already. Worth having a chat with a range of pharmacy and general practice folk.  Happy to connect you.


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