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Meet the team: End to End Clinical Administration


  • Sam Cook - senior project manager
  • Tracy Sowersby - P1 Project Lead
  • Sam Rust - Performance Team
  • Andy Keen - Performance Team
  • Joan Arton - Design Team Peer Member
  • Sylvia Baylen - Design Team Peer Member
  • Leanne Blakeley - Design Team Peer Member
  • Jayne Campion - Design Team Peer Member
  • Tracie Charlton - Design Team Peer Member
  • Caroline Currins - Design Team Peer Member
  • Claire Elliott - Design Team Peer Member
  • Narinda Ghuman - Design Team Peer Member
  • Sue Hussey - Design Team Peer Member
  • Alex Jewitt - Design Team Peer Member
  • Sarah Newby - Design Team Peer Member
  • Sian Powell - Design Team Peer Member
  • Mark Raven - Design Team Peer Member
  • Lizzy Roberts - Design Team Peer Member
  • John Robinson - Design Team Peer Member
  • Jo Sheard - Design Team Peer Member
  • Alyson Sole - Design Team Peer Member
  • Donna Trafford - Design Team Peer Member
  • Darny Wilson - Design Team Peer Member
  • Sam Young - Design Team Peer Member

Administration Hub Design Methodology HUB Structure – RIE Week – 27042018

Administration Hub Design Methodology

The teams require assistance to realign processes and systems to match the optimum grouping of specialties to provide the quality and governance needed for our patients. By coordinating specialites in this way, teams are able to fully coordinate all components of a patient pathway.

The teams are redesigning their job descriptions and roles and responsibilities to meet the demands of a changing NHS.

The initial team of 21 was nominated and selected by their peers within the clinical administration teams. The outcome of this initial week of improvement was substantial and history making. Other Trusts are seeking to use the engagement methodology used here at HEY. The expectation was that the team would provide initial ideas to start a programme of change. However, the team are so now invested in the change programme that they are incredibly keen to continue with the improvement agenda. Funding is being sought to continue with facilitating and hosting of improvement events for change. Also required is PMO support to coordinate and engage the wider administration teams to ensure we’re capturing the voice of the customer (our specialty medical/clinical teams and patients).

How you can contribute

  • The expertise to run further co-design events
  • The expertise to evaluate the engagement and improvement results
  • The expertise to write up the case study as this approach is the first of its kind in Acute Health for the medical secretary and administration teams
  • The opportunity to provide site visits for increased sharing of ideas
  • The support to publish via media and journals


  1. I love this concept and we use it in YAS, the people who do the job day in day know the changes to make. Have you had a look at Agents of Change (similar bid on here) - maybe you can share some of your experiences with that project, also in Y&H! or even join up for a dual centred bid?

    1. Hi Clare

      The opportunity to collaborate would be great. I am sure we could learn from and support each other!

  2. I could help with any process mapping if needed. Regards Tom

    1. Thanks Tom. We would certainly appreciate facilitation skills and assistance with our programme of work. Your offer is appreciated.

  3. Hi Shelley and team,

    Thanks for sharing your idea! It's great you're trying to truly engage with administrative teams; often they are taken for granted or not truly involved in co-designing solutions. You asked about support for co-designing events and I wondered if you or any of the team attended our Liberating Structures workshop in March? There were some really useful facilitation techniques which may lend themselves well in your context. Specifically I think a TRIZ might be interesting (exploring what is the worst possible thing we want to happen.. Then work backwards to ensure your ways of working don't feature these things). We put together a spark page to share learning from this event, in case it's helpful we also have a group which you can join to get suggestions and offer your learning too.

    You mentioned perhaps publishing your work and that sounds great. Q members can publish articles in bmj open quality for free, which may be of interest In terms of an evaluation measure, I'd be interested in staff survey results around involvement in decision making and support as well as retention figures.


    Good luck and all the best

    Dimple, Q Programme Manager

    1. Thank you. All your help is appreciated!

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