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12 Jun 2019


The Studio

Join us for an important workshop to co-create the details of a framework which describes ‘Improvement Capability’, which can be used to help Q connect more effectively by ‘benchlearning’, and used within our own organisations.

During the workshop we’ll be using existing research, and the results of a short survey to develop the wording which describes ‘what good looks like’ in improvement – and all the levels below that. it will be come a common language or ‘scaffolding’ to help us connect Q members around the topics which matter most to you – and to spot where we have good practices to capture and/or share.

In addition to this, we’ll spend some time discussing how best to engage people in the use of a framework, and look at examples of ‘products’ designed to get teams talking together.

  • Lunch and refreshments provided.
  • Travel costs can be reclaimed (with receipts!).

Background info
Our Q Exchange project page on ‘Co-developing an Improvement Capability framework – and action tools – to enable targeted QI learning and connections across Q‘.