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When traditional change gets stuck: How to use Appreciative Inquiry to get things moving again

Join Sarah Lewis, Managing Director and Principal Psychologist at Appreciating Change, in this workshop where you'll explore principles of Appreciative Inquiry to overcome 'stuck' situations.

13 Oct 2022
12:00 – 13:00

The workshop

This workshop will examine what happens to people when traditional change approaches fail, and will explain how applying to principles of Appreciative Inquiry can help people become re-engaged, pro-active and co-creative participants in bringing about organisational change.

The workshop will be interactive and practical. During the workshop, our host Sarah Lewis will share in detail some of the specific actions she has taken in ‘stuck’ situations. Participants will leave with a ‘top tips’ document, some basic skills in shifting emotional states and creating ‘pull’ motivation for change, and guidance for where to go to learn more.

The host

The workshop will be led by Sarah Lewis, one of the first people in the UK to be trained in Appreciative Inquiry in 1993. Since then she has used it to work with many organisations both commercial and not-for-profit to achieve effective, sustainable, positive change throughout Europe and further afield, most recently with the NHS.

In addition she is a Chartered Organisational Psychologist, an Associated Fellow of the British Psychological Society and a Principal and Founder Member of the Association of Business Psychologists. She is also lead author of ‘Appreciative Inquiry for Change Management’ and has many other publications to her name. Sarah teaches Appreciative Inquiry at a post-graduate level at Anglia Ruskin University Cambridge and in many other organisational settings. Sarah is also a regular conference speaker at national and international conferences, including a number of the World Appreciative Inquiry Conferences.

Find out more about Sarah’s Appreciate Inquiry, strengths-based tools and shop.

Want to learn more? Contact Sarah.

This event is supported by the Learning from Excellence Special Interest Group and is a follow up to our successful Appreciative Inquiry event that took place earlier this year.