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17 Jul 2019

The time has come to re-evaluate the purpose of outpatient care and align those objectives with modern-day living and expectations. The traditional model of outpatient care is placing unnecessary financial and time costs on patients, clinicians, the NHS and the public purse and will not meet growing demand and expectations.

Understanding alternatives to traditional outpatient appointments will require a person-centred and flexible approach by trusts, and the wider health and care system. It should go without saying that the patient voice needs to resonate loudly in any redesign processes to ensure that any improvements can stand the test of time.

During this webinar, Dr Toby Hillman will introduce how to think about the redesign of outpatients in terms of value and sustainability, identifying a balance between cost (including those to the patient) and outcomes (value) and long-term impacts (sustainability). Colleagues from the RCP and Rubis QI will be on hand to answer questions about Q Exchange and to encourage the further development of ideas and proposals.

Download the slides from the webinar