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Webinar: Improving health outcomes through a Community Organising approach

Learn how community organising principles can support you to increase engagement

5 Mar 2020
13:30 – 14:15


Join us to find out how the Community Organising approach developed by Citizens UK can be applied to tackle some of the most complex challenges facing the health sector by acting as a powerful improvement method that complements existing strategies, as demonstrated by the partnership between Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust and Citizens UK.

The NHS England Five Year Forward View calls on health bodies to “engage with communities and citizens in new ways”, but how can this be achieved? Hear from Dr Bob Klaber, Director of Strategy, Research and Innovation at ICHT and Carina Crawford-Khan, Supervising Organiser at Citizens UK, to learn how the principles and practical tools of Community Organising can be applied to in the sector generally, and quality improvement work in particular, to improve health and well-being for patients, their families and communities.

Community Organising recognises that real change can only come about when community-rooted organisations – such as hospitals and GP practices, but also faith groups and schools – work together to respond to the needs and concerns of the local populations they serve and jointly tackle the inter-related problems of ill-health, poverty and low levels of civic participation. Citizens UK’s track record of collaboration with several NHS Trusts and CCGs demonstrates that effective public engagement and co-production of services are possible, and that health inequalities can be tackled in the process.