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23 Apr 2019


East London Foundation Trust

Joy in Work is a hot topic in QI and is steadily gaining momentum within the Q community with a dedicated SIG and as a popular Twitter topic amongst members. Members attending this immersive visit learnt from leading Quality Improvement organisation, East London Foundation Trust (ELFT) about their experiences of embedding Joy in Work across the organisation.

Why East London Foundation Trust?

ELFT is recognised as a leading QI organisation and has partnered with the Insitute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI) over the last 10 years. A very active presence within the QI community, the Trust has been working closely with the IHI on their Joy in Work approach, Enjoying Work. Inspired by Deming’s system of profound knowledge, Joy in Work is a framework initially developed by the IHI and has been adapted to suit ELFT’s local context. As a result of adopting this approach, there have been significant improvements in staff well-being.

What was learnt?

On this day-long, immersive visit Q members explored how a leading QI organisation has successfully embedded Joy in Work into their ways of working to improve staff well being. Led by Mason Fitzgerald (who took Q members through a session at the UK-wide Q community event), this was a unique opportunity to visit an IHI partnered organisation and learn the practicalities of creating and sustaining Joy in Work within your own context.

Aims and objectives

By the end of the visit Q members were able to:

  • Better understand what Joy in Work is
  • Understand how ELFT is applying Joy in Work to their QI approach
  • Share, learn and reflect with other Q members to consider how this might be applied within their own organisations
  • Take active planning steps to apply within their organisations

Who was the visit for?

Any Q members with a general interest in Joy in Work – particularly beneficial for QI leads, clinicians and OD practitioners.

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