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The Safety Anarchist: Sidney Dekker

Hear from Professor Sidney Dekker in the latest session in the series from Resilience Engineering Association & DARWIN Community of Practitioners (DCoP).

1 May 2020
22:00 – 23:00


Resilience Engineering Association & DARWIN Community of Practitioners (DCoP) presents the next session in the Resilience Engineering webinar series. The webinar series on resilience engineering topics spans theory, practice, cases, research and more! Watch the REA website for our calendar of upcoming presentations.

Join the next session with Sidney Dekker to discuss his book The Safety Anarchist,’. Dekker explains how we can return to what Amalberti calls ‘native resilience’ by decluttering, decentralizing and devolving our workplaces, and offering people ‘freedom in a frame’ to work with.

Over the past two decades, we have doubled the amount of safety bureaucracy. But we have not become any safer: in many areas we have the same number of fatal accidents as before. By insisting on compliance, we not only hollow out work, we rob it of precisely the innovations and insights we need to know where the next accident will happen.

The REA & DCoP is a global community of practice creating opportunities to collaborate with others who are leading research and developing practical applications in how to create resilience in complex systems. Our events allow participants to learn from other domains seeking to engineer resilience into their systems such as healthcare, critical infrastructure, energy, critical digital services, transportation (aviation, marine, rail), automation (self-driving cars, drones), emergency response, finance, and aerospace.