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27 Jan 2022
13:00 – 14:00


It may sound surprising, but the healthcare professional and patient experiences are often mismatched — one would imagine that the expectations and needs of both are well aligned (or at least non contradictory), however that’s not always the case. That’s exactly the experience of Isabel Ho, one of the case studies in the Wenger-Trayner’s influential new book Systems Convening. She lives on both sides of the dichotomy through her personal and professional experiences in healthcare. She combined her experience as a carer (cardiology) and weaved in her professional radiation oncology quality community to create a conversation space that benefitted both her colleagues and patients. While trying to make sense of the complex world around us, she continues to integrate her new knowledge, personal experience to hone her convening skills within her sphere of influence.

The one hour call covered:

  • The problem up close: clash between professional expectation and patient experience – the two sides of the coin (empathy and sympathy)
  • Participatory moment: share your experiences
  • The approach: how Isabel Ho is weaving a community to help her bridge the gap
  •  Q&A

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