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‘Evaluating routes to effective scaling and spreading innovation – exploring a social franchising approach’ (Zoom, 2.30pm, 17 Dec)

Join us to learn about how the Health Foundation has approached evaluating the use of a novel social franchising approach to support the spread and scale up of health and care interventions.

17 Dec 2018

Zoom call - online/phone (all welcome), 2.30pm

The Health Foundation have been testing how social franchising can support the spread and scale up of UK health and care interventions where it has had limited use and testing.

To ensure that the learning and impact of this work was captured, the Health Foundation have been working with Cordis Bright and the Innovation Unit to evaluate this ever changing approach into social franchising​.

This Zoom video meeting will focus on the commissioning and managing of the evaluation (rather than on social franchising itself).

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This Zoom video meeting is jointly organised by the Health Foundation and the Q Community’s Evaluation SIG (open to all).

Join us for what promises to be an insightful and rewarding session.

NB This Zoom video call will be recorded and shared with registrants and SIG members afterwards.