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Annual Radiotherapy Quality Special Interest Group (RTQ SIG) meeting

A meeting of the 'Radiotherapy Quality' SIG - which will focus on current quality and safety issues around radiotherapy. It will also involve a collaboration with Q's 'Making Use of Patient Experience' SIG.

6 Mar 2018


Health Foundation Auditorium

It is my privilege and great pleasure to invite you to the 2nd annual Radiotherapy Quality (RTQ) SIG meeting, which takes place on 6th March 2018 at the Health Foundation in London.

The meeting focuses on current quality and safety issues around radiotherapy. This year we also bring in PREM (patient reported experience measures) where RTQ SIG’s PREM project group is collaborating with Q’s ‘Making Use of Patient Experience SIG’ to explore how to make use of patient experience, de-clutter measurement and look for those measures which have the most practical use for quality improvement.

RTQ SIG is a UK-wide multidisciplinary Special Interest Group, we promote the open discussion of all quality issues in Radiotherapy and provide a platform for radiotherapy quality professionals to network with other departments with the collective aim of improving quality and promote safety culture.

This meeting – supported by network of Q members, Health Foundation, SCoR and PHE – will convey the theme ‘From compliance to commitment’.

Provisional program:

  • Compliance culture vs QI culture
  • QI methodology
  • RT thumbs up – learning from excellence
  • ISO – overview, strength and weakness of the application in healthcare
  • CHKS standards development process
  • New Regulation updates
  • PROM
  • PREM
  • RT dataset (+/-DPSIMS)
  • Plus 2 sponsor lunch presentations