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#QIhour Tweetchat – Fab Change Day 2019

Join us, Roy Lilley, Terri Porrett & members of the @FabNHSStuff team for this #QIhour Tweetchat to celebrate Fab Change Day 2019

16 Oct 2019

Twitter - use #QIhour

This collaboratively run #QIhour Tweetchat is taking place on Wednesday 16th October at 8.00pm BST as part of Fab Change Day 2019 (Check out

We will be joined by Roy Lilley & Terri Porrett and members of the @FabNHSStuff team

This will be hosted by @gsqia at Gloucestershire Hospitals NHS FT in collaboration with Leeanne Lockley, Nottinghamshire Healthcare NHS FT, Dr Amar Shah and Princess Alexandra Hospital Trust, supported by NHS Horizons and Fab NHS Stuff.

#QIhour #FabChange19