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Appreciative Inquiry: Q Visit to Prostate Cancer UK (CPD certified)

This was a half-day study day to learn about the principles and framework for Appreciative Inquiry (AI) through an interactive workshop and through discussion with staff from Prostate Cancer UK. Q members then learnt how to use this AI approach, and to reflect on how AI could provide an alternative method for delivering quality improvement. They also had an opportunity to understand the growing role of the voluntary sector in improving care for patients.

25 Jul 2017


Prostate Cancer UK

Prostate Cancer UK is developing its organisation using an AI approach. AI takes a positive approach to change, exploring the best of what is, imagining what could be and collectively designing together a future state. By focusing on assets rather than deficits, AI brings the best of the past into the future state.


  • Lauren Wiggins, Deputy Director of Support & Influencing, Prostate Cancer UK
  • Heather Blake, Director of Support & Influencing, Prostate Cancer UK