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Q Lab UK: Workshop 1

Join us for the first workshop as part of our new Q Lab UK project on technology-enabled remote monitoring

23 Nov 2021
10:00 – 14:30


About the workshop

Join us on Tuesday 23 November for the first workshop, which brings together test teams and contributors to kick off the Research and discovery phase of the Lab.

You’ll learn more about the Lab process, the importance of the topic as well as get the opportunity to:

  • Meet and connect with people from a variety of backgrounds and sectors who have a shared interest in the topic.
  • Explore the topic from a range of perspectives, to build a picture of the current challenges and potential opportunities.
  • Share your knowledge, insights and experience on the topic with others.

Who can attend?

This workshop is open to Q Lab UK participants.

If you have signed up as a contributor or applied to be a test team, you will have received an email from the team with further details about participating in this workshop. If you haven’t received this, please email us

About Q Lab UK

Q Lab UK is working on a new project, in partnership with NHSX. Together we are exploring how to build staff and patient trust and confidence in technology-enabled remote monitoring, so that it can be scaled across the health and care system.

The Lab will take place over six months and is structured around a series of workshops that guide people through each stage of the design process and facilitate peer learning.

Not signed up to be a Lab participant? Send us an email to find out how you can get involved.