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10 Nov 2017 – 11 Nov 2017

Birmingham International Convention Centre

Physiotherapy services do transform lives through reversing the impact of illness and disability through supported self-management, rehabilitation and education. Physiotherapy are an important resource to help the UK health economy achieve it’s essential aims, including to achieve optimally valuable and productive services and pathway.

This year’s conference returns to Birmingham and is focussed on the key determinants to achieve our vision for UK physiotherapy across all sectors and settings; looking to improve and transform systems and services across the UK

Physiotherapy UK 2017 underpins the Society’s 2017-20 corporate plan:
•position physiotherapy at the leading edge of transforming health and social care
•champion the evidence that physiotherapy is both clinically- and cost-effective
•empower people to live long and live well, independently

The themes for this year are:
•Evidence matters
•LEAD: Leadership Exploration, Advocacy & Development
•Our Digital Movement
•Your service, your improvement