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28 Nov 2016


The People’s Transformathon is a free online event available to anyone across the world. It brings together patients, carers, service users, volunteers and people working from across health and care systems in the UK and overseas to connect, share, and learn from one another. It will showcase the latest innovations, practices, and methods to inspire you to enable change – and genuine coproduction – to happen.

Sessions include:

  • Becky Malby telling the story of Co-Producing Leeds (in which substance use service users were involved as equal partners in co-defining, co-designing and co-commissioning the services they use)
  • Helen Bevan on Lone Wolves vs Mobilisers vs Organisers
  • Sarah Myers in Wisconsin on ‘Improve Care Now’, a Drucker Prize (2016) winning network of clinicians, researchers, parent and patients all learning and improving services for and with children and young people.