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Not just a talking shop: capturing the value in networks and Communities of Practice

Cleo Butterworth and Sam Hudson share how they’ve used the Wenger-Trayner/DeLaat Value Creation Framework to capture and assess value creation in NHS Communities of Practice.

11 Jul 2022
12:00 – 13:30

Join this extended Q network session to gain an understanding on how to recognise, capture and demonstrate the impact of your networks and / or Communities of Practice.

We will explore how social learning in networks makes a difference in a range of settings across health and social care, other industries, and globally.

It will also be a chance to try out five-cycle elements of the Wenger-Trayner / DeLaat Value Creation Framework, for finding and sharing the richness of value created by networks and communities, from the perspective of participants.

The five-cycle method enables convenors to tap into the immediate, potential, applied, realised and transformative value of communities.

Please note that this will be a highly interactive session, and be prepared to engage with cameras on for most of the time.

This session will be facilitated by:

Cleo Butterworth bio

Cleo is pharmacist by profession and a passionate advocate of Communities of Practice as an approach to innovation and transformation across health and social care. Cleo developed the HIN Communities of Practice Leadership Development Programme in partnership with the Q community to help people to navigate their journeys together, to encourage and empower those who had already started using this approach, and to inspire others to join in. Cleo is also a co-convener of Q’s Communities of Practice Special Interest Group (SIG), join the SIG.

Sam Hudson bio

Sam helped to launch the first Communities of Practice at HIN and co-facilitates the leadership programme with Cleo. Sam formed Überology in 2013 after 11 years in the NHS and specialises in strategy, leadership development, programme start-up, co-design and involvement, event design and facilitation, coaching, research, and writing.